Sympa is expanding rapidly across the Nordic region and, at the beginning of 2018, Sympa gathered a Swedish Sympa HR Advisory Board together for first time. The Advisory Board consists of HR professionals who all share extensive experience in different areas of HR, especially in the Nordic markets.

The idea of putting together a Swedish HR Advisory Board has its roots in the customer-centric approach Sympa has to product development. The Advisory Board would not only function as a high-level network and a forum for members to share thoughts and ideas, but would also provide vital feedback for Sympa for product and service development.

The first meeting was facilitated by Jeanette Anttila, Advisor and Board Professional who has a special interest in helping companies with accelerating sales.

At Sympa, we are all about developing our HR solution to suit the customers and their needs,” says Martta Riihimäki, Sales Director, Nordics at Sympa. “We are interested in hearing what those who actually use our system think, and we maintain an active and constant dialogue with our customers and other stakeholders.”

“The first gathering was a valuable opportunity to get feedback and input from other HR professionals and it also confirmed that we are moving in the right direction.”

Martta Riihimäki
Sales Director Nordics, Sympa

Riihimäki is especially pleased that Sympa is building an outstanding network of professional HR expertise in the Nordics. “The forum will, for sure, have a considerable impact on how our plans for the Nordic region develop, especially where Sweden is concerned.”

At the same time, I’m also indebted to our ever-growing network of extremely knowledgeable and professional people that we meet every day through our work,” Riihimäki says. Most of the members mentioned the importance of challenging oneself as one of the key success factors in the field of HR. “Benchmarking just doesn’t get any better than this,” Riihimäki concluded.

The recently established forum will play a key part in the company’s growth strategy for the Nordics. The Swedish Advisory Board of 2018 consists of Susanne Bragée, Linda Tybring, Pia Geivald, Anna-Clara Fredrikson, Mathias de Maré, and Elisabeth Norling.

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Sales Director Nordics
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