Sympa announces their launch in the UK with the opening of a new office in London

Having established itself as a key player in the Nordic HR market, Sympa has set its sights on making an equally strong impression in the UK. 

With the topics of the “Future of Work”, the “Great Retention” and the “Wellbeing of the Workforce” being the focus of HR leaders, Sympa is bringing its Nordics culture and values to the UK market in order for the British audience to benefit from the same model that makes these countries the happiest in the world.

Sympa is the fastest growing HR solution provider in the Nordics, currently employing more than 160 people in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and the UK. More than 1000 organisations around the world are using Sympa as the secure and trusted backbone of their HR operations.


“At Sympa we’re fast becoming a global leader in innovative HR software. Sympa and our partners at Recruitee currently employ a 300+ strong team of Europe-based experts that serve more than 4,000 B2B customers across Europe and North America. Sympa’s aim is to support HR leaders in the UK to face the current challenges from the great resignation to an increasingly competitive and   demanding talent market by helping them build a better work environment for their people.”
Wai-Bin Lai, UK Country Director


Sympa is a complete, fully customisable HR solution that lets you focus on people and smart decision-making. Simply outstanding for companies of all sizes, Sympa gives you a clear view of all your people data with seamless information flow and helps you automate routine HR tasks.

Sympa’s core offering:

  • A global view of your HCM: from hire to retire, manage all your people data in one global solution for better HCM development.

  • Let your people shine: use Sympa’s talent development tools to nurture your people’s skills and build a happy workplace.

  • Discover insights from HR data: show the impact of better people decisions and investments with Sympa’s powerful reporting tools.

  • Connect your systems: pair Sympa with 200+ tools for all the functionality you need.


The post-covid era showed how it can be challenging for HR leaders across the UK to motivate, retain and bring back their people to the office.

How to keep the team spirit, the team bonding, and a familiar yet comfortable eco-system within an organisation? Sympa’s track record as a Finnish company shows how the platform was used internally to keep the workforce developing, nurtured, valued and most of all happy. 

The future plans for Sympa will be to expand even further in Europe and the next stop will be the launch of a new office in Munich, Germany!