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About Sympa

HR tools designed to streamline and empower your operations.

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Sympa connects People with strategy

In an era characterized by constant changes in the workplace, HR’s role is critical to ensure that the workforce stays motivated and well-adapted to meet the company's evolving needs. It maintains alignment between employee capabilities and organizational objectives and helps to drive success in a dynamic business environment. 
Sympa is committed to empowering HR professionals to transcend traditional roles and take a stronger leadership position in strategic workforce management. We believe that placing People at the core of company strategy is essential for organizations to successfully navigate and manage change. This approach ensures that HR not only supports but actively drives business success in a rapidly evolving world of work. 


We make collaborative HR tools that know our customer’s people

Sympa provides HR tools designed to streamline operations and support HR and company leaders to manage and develop the workforce. Sympa’s unique collaborative functionality allows company leaders to make both operational as well as strategic People plans in a tool that already knows your People.

Additionally, with Sympa’s functionality across the employee lifecycle and an extensive ecosystem connecting all your tools into one master system, Sympa helps you to automate routine tasks, save time, and ensure compliance with HR regulations.


20 years of experience 

With two decades of expertise and having reached profitable growth, Sympa has established itself as a seasoned leader in the European HR tech market. Originating from the Nordics, Sympa was built with a foundational commitment to high standards in data security and compliance. This strong foundation allows us to deliver reliable and secure HR solutions that meet the sophisticated demands of modern businesses. 

Our experienced teams, rich in knowledge and insight gained over 20 years, have developed a deep understanding of HR needs that spans across many countries, comprehending legislative regulations, cultural nuances, and specific HR employment laws across Europe. With Sympa, our customers gain a partner well-versed in navigating the complexities of international HR management that is dedicated to working alongside our customers at every step of the journey. 


What’s next?

Based on our principles of putting people at the center of strategy, we are building an evermore collaborative HR platform with a steadily growing ecosystem around it. We continuously combine customer feedback with Sympa’s own experience and innovation to produce the best HR tools.  
Our quarterly webinars provide an opportunity for customers to stay informed about new releases and upcoming features. You can expect our tools to become simpler and smarter, with enhanced collaborative capabilities and progressively more functionalities. These innovations are designed to empower you to effectively support and drive strategic activities within your company, aligning HR initiatives with the broader organisational goals.

We love making our customers happy

Level up your HR game with dynamic analytics and reporting.

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"We are constantly striving to streamline our processes and wanted to be able to add new functions quickly and easily. That’s why Sympa is such a good match for us – once we’ve identified a need, we can make the necessary changes ourselves, or get help from Sympa if we need to."


Caroline Gestrup

HR Manager, Forex

"It’s important to have a modern HR system that works well together with the rest of our IT landscape. What many do not understand is the importance of employees’ master data being integrated with other systems. That in turn determines both efficient IT onboarding and enables access control in many other systems."


Hanna Mannberg

Global Chief Human Resource Manager, Svea Solar