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We're always looking for amazing people to join our talented group. Tell us about yourself, your skills, competences, experience, interest, personality etc. Why would you want to join our Sympa team? We are grateful for your interest and are happy to get to know you!

Join the Sympa team

At Sympa we’re fast becoming a global leader in innovative HR software. But we’re determined to keep a good company vibe – friendly, personal, warm and welcoming. You’ll never be just an employee. Join us!

Sympa as an employer


Sympa's culture

We think that Sympa is a unique and special place to work. This stems from the culture we cherish, the values we uphold and our shared sense of purpose that gives us a common direction. We lean on accountability, collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement in achieving our goals.

Our collective purpose as Sympaticans goes beyond the product we offer or the services we provide. It's about the impact we have on our customers, our communities, and the HR industry as a whole. It's about making a meaningful difference in people's lives.


Sympa's environmental policy

At Sympa we are committed to making environmental sustainability an integral and fundamental part of our business, and our goal is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all levels of the company.

We have created this policy to continually improve and monitor our environmental performance by outlining our commitments and goals and setting clear targets.

What our lovely Sympaticans have to say

"Sympa strives to make everyone feel included and a part of the company immediately. The flat communication structure and internal growth opportunities are also a huge part of why we are all proud of our company."

Thomas, Country Director


"No matter where you go in Sympa you are met by smiles, hugs and welcoming words. Playing foosball together connects Sympaticans from all teams and locations."

Stine, HR System Specialist & Consultant


Benefits of working at Sympa



Hybrid working isn’t a problem. Choose the tools you prefer.



Enjoy modern ergonomics and a monthly wellbeing budget.


Being together

Foosball games, coffee chats and cheerful laughs make our days.



Enjoy the support of your international colleagues and cross-country teams.


Being challenged

We value continuous learning and we will support you in developing your competences.



We believe that freedom, trust and responsibility allow our people to thrive.

Sympa’s whistleblowing channel

If you suspect any kind of misconduct or unethical behaviour at Sympa, please report it via our whistleblowing channel.

Our system is provided by Whistlelink to guarantee safe and anonymous reporting.

Ask us about recruitments

Do you have any questions regarding Sympa’s recruitments? Feel free to contact our People and Culture team.

Saara Somersalmi, Chief Human Resources Officer
+358 44 5011 224 |