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Navigate the Employee Lifecycle with ease

Seamless processes, reporting and analytics, optimized HR automation workflows and built-in compliance– the backbone of your business.

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Harmonise your HR processes

HR departments must ensure that they have effective processes and the necessary tools in place to efficiently manage the entire employee lifecycle. With Sympa, you gain access to comprehensive tools that streamline your HR processes from hiring through to retirement.

Leveraging 20 years of experience and a robust presence across the Nordics and Europe, Sympa's offering enables you to not only establish your HR foundation locally but also harmonize your operations across various operating countries, ensuring consistency and compliance in your HR operations globally. 


Core HR: Simplify to amplify

Sympa streamlines HR operations by automating HR routine tasks such as analytics and reporting, user rights management, and time registration, freeing HR professionals to focus on more strategic activities. Get started building your scalable HR infrastructure that grows with your organisation.

Automate core HR processes within a single platform, all with in-built GDPR compliance as standard. Your data is fully secure and hosted in Europe and we cover our process and practices with full ISO 9001 and 27001 compliance. Learn more about Sympa’s information security and data protection practices under Sympa’s Trust Centre.


Seamless Onboarding & Offboarding

Ensure every new hire quickly feels part of the team. From onboarding checklists to eSigning, contract management, HR automation workflows, and streamlined processes, welcoming new recruits is a walk in the park.

And, when their journey with you ends, leave a positive last impression through exit interviews, certificate issuance, and GDPR-compliant data removal. Transform your onboarding and offboarding processes with Sympa. 


Learning & Development: Fueling futures

Learn how to learn with Sympa’s suite of learning and development tools. Effectively manage the learning journeys of your entire workforce – map needed competencies, handle one on ones and personal goals, set appropriate learning objectives, plan and monitor training, integrate with your favourite LMS providers, and leverage expert, impartial coaching to flatten the learning curve. All from within the Sympa solution. 


Easy Absence & Holiday Management

Ensure your workforce balances effort and recuperation with Sympa’s absence and holiday management tools. Handle absences and holidays in a holistic view, enabling you to handle leaves, absences, and holidays across all locations with ease. 

Time Registration

Simple, secure time tracking – keep your reporting compliant, keep your workforce healthy. Stay compliant with EU legislation and monitor workloads by tracking hours worked, overtime, balance hours, and breaks. All your time tracking essentials, now in Sympa. 

  • Quickly and easily record working hours.
  • Track breaks.
  • Monitor time worked and balance hours.

Compensation and Salary Review

Fair compensation for the work we do is important. In fact, it’s so important, we built our Salary Review tool to give decision makers complete transparency when managing fixed and percentage-based raises. And, if you do spot unequal salary distributions, you can make things right by taking decisive action based on a complete view of your situation. 

Work from a comprehensive view of salaries, bonuses, and benefits that ensures alignment with local legal requirements and makes pay equity achievable within your organisation. Integrate with dozens of payroll providers and effortlessly handle salary adjustments  – so you can build a reputation for fair compensation practices.

Everything you need to make the employee lifecycle happen

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, yet continuously growing list of tools that will power 
 organisation, then look no further.



Your business is unique. As are your reporting needs. That’s why Sympa was built to give you both out of the box reports as well as the ability to configure reports on anything else you need. Our scalable cloud HR software turns the HR metrics you choose to track into insightful reports covering everything from effective employment to organisational information, compensation, new hires and leavers, birthdays, and more. 

Add your favourite report to your company’s front page, share real-time reports with management – whatever you need to do to give everyone the information they need.  

  • A high-level overview of everything that happens across your organisation.
  • Visual reports based on any data stored in the system.
  • Real-time, accurate data allowing you to make data-driven decisions . 

Protection by design, Security by default.

HR data security and data protection are non-negotiables for your HR team, your employees, and your company. However, when even the smallest teams may be spread across the globe, compliance can be daunting. We’ve got good news for you. When it comes to privacy, security, GDPR, and legislation compliance, Sympa’s ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified solution has all the protection you need already baked in.

  • Ensure your HR function is secure today – and remains locally and globally compliant as your team grows.
  • Decrease your risk of data breaches and stay legally compliant in all locations by centrally gathering all employee data. 
  • Our experts will help you stay compliant with all data regulations, everywhere. 

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We’d love to show you how Sympa can help you optimise the entire employee life cycle so you can focus on your people. 


We love making our customers happy

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"Sympa has played a key role in building and maintaining our vibrant culture. It is also central to how Jungle Juice Bar will develop in the future. Today, we can quickly handle all HR processes, which gives us more time to connect with our employees and understand what they need. This open dialogue has helped us produce new and creative ideas that will support the company’s growth and innovation tomorrow."


Elli Holappa

CEO, Jungle Juice Bar

"Today, we have built a comprehensive resource that contains everything related to our staff across the entire employee lifecycle. Our site managers can use Sympa to find and log information about subjects ranging from salaries and employee interviews to employment contracts and exit interviews. "


Anna-Lena Wallertz

Payroll & HR Manager, Byggmax