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Trust Centre

Sympa is committed to the highest standards of information security and data protection, including compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In Sympa’s Trust Centre you will find relevant and essential information about our information security and data protection practices.

Sympa’s customers are free to utilise the information provided in Sympa‘s Trust Centre for the purposes of their organisation (e.g., data protection impact assessment or yearly audits).

Can't find the information you were looking for?

Find out more detailed information about Sympa’s data protection and information security practices by taking a look at our list of Frequently asked questions. You can also contact Sympa’s Data Protection Officer by email.

  • Over 100 employees
  • Sympa in use since 2011
’’The EU Data Protection Regulation requires that all registers be up-to-date and that the information does not fall into wrong hands. When we mapped out how well Heureka is complying with GDPR, our administration passed the test with flying colours. The safe handling of employee data with Sympa has played a huge role in making this possible. With Sympa, we had everything in order even before GDPR came into force, and the review confirmed this.’’

Tiino Jokio, Administrative Manager, Heureka