AddSecure grew rapidly and then changed gears

After a period of strong growth in the Nordic region and Europe, AddSecure realised that they needed to gain more and better control over their HR processes. That’s when they got in touch with Sympa.

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“We started looking at various HR systems, because we didn’t have a functioning solution. We were using Excel at the time, but realised that it wasn’t working. We felt that Sympa was the right match for us, considering the size of our company and our needs,” Charlotte Brasch explains.

Charlotte is Director of People & Culture at AddSecure. She was part of the project team that came to this decision and handled the implementation process when the company started working with Sympa. 

Rapid growth imposed higher demands

In the space of just a couple of years, AddSecure has grown from 300 employees to now having a workforce of more than 1,000. Charlotte believes that Sympa has given them a better insight into and overview of the collaboration between the different countries in Europe.

“We have employees in 16 different countries. Before Sympa, we didn’t have a particularly good overview or good control in all these countries, but now we have stronger links and the ability to closely monitor the people working for us on a global basis, both staff and consultants.”

All data in one place

AddSecure uses Sympa for tasks such as salary reviews, appraisals and the following-up of goals. Gathering all the information in one and the same system, where each manager has access to their employees’ data, is very effective. It provides managers with the opportunity to easily search for an employee in the system if they need to obtain information such as salary, number of years worked or contact details. This is preferable to constantly having to turn to the HR department for information, Charlotte believes.

“After implementing Sympa, both employees and managers felt that they enjoyed better control. It is satisfying to be able to gather all the employees’ targets and development plans in one place – it makes things easier for all parties and provides the right people with increased control.”

We are developing alongside each other

During the course of the training and implementation work, Charlotte found the collaboration with the contact person at Sympa to be easy and problem-free. Having now used Sympa for a couple of years, Charlotte is positive about the future and in particular the new version of Sympa that is being launched in the autumn of 2022.

“We are flexible at AddSecure and are always looking for new ways to improve. We are looking forward to getting the new version of Sympa this autumn, where we will be able to see new functions as well as updated versions of existing features. Perhaps we’ll get to use features that were there before, but that we haven’t used yet. We enjoy an extremely positive collaboration with Sympa – we are developing alongside each other,” Charlotte concludes.