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Introducing Sympa’s Collaborative HR toolkit

Enhance the cooperation between HR and company leaders.

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People at the heart of the decision making strategy

HR and company leaders have struggled to collaborate effectively due to a lack of unified tools, resulting in fragmented planning spread across chats, emails, and various file formats.

Sympa's new Collaborative HR functionality is designed to enhance the cooperation between HR and company leaders. This functionality enables HR to facilitate quicker responses to employee-related changes, enhance interaction with company leaders, and ensure that people remain at the heart of decision-making and strategy.  


React to change quickly

HR collaborates closely with company leaders every day. Despite having robust tools and processes to manage the full employee lifecycle, exceptions and unforeseen challenges inevitably arise, often consuming significant time. Previously, addressing unexpected employee-related issues was complicated by discussions scattered across multiple channels and a lack of comprehensive employee data for decision-making.  

However, with Sympa's new collaborative HR offering, HR and company leaders can collaboratively and visually develop response strategies, in real time, online. This way you can make decisions that are both informed and timely, without wasting time on getting on the same page. This means swift and effective responses to changes and streamlining the process of managing exceptions. 


Facilitate collaboration and improve manager engagement

HR collaborates extensively with both managers and the leadership team. A significant challenge from HR's perspective is engaging managers actively in the development of their teams, fostering a positive work environment, and ensuring that employees are committed and driven to contribute to the company's success.

By enabling bidirectional planning—from managers to HR and from HR to managers—both parties can initiate possible scenarios. Be it for handling ad-hoc crises or for doing long term planning, this approach not only results in more effective outcomes but also boosts manager engagement.  

Sympa's new collaborative HR offering is designed to strengthen this commitment from managers and empower HR to leverage their managerial team for greater scalability and impact.  


Put people at the centre of strategy

As the dynamics of the workplace continue to evolve, the significance of HR within companies has become more critical than ever. HR should not be seen merely as a function for implementing company strategies but should be central in demonstrating that placing People at the heart of these strategies is crucial for success. This paradigm shift requires that People planning be a foundational element of strategy development right from the start.  

To support this integration of People and strategy, HR needs new types of tools that enable the crafting of various scenarios and strategic plans focused on people. These tools will empower HR to explore and identify the best pathways for ensuring long-term organisational success. 

Visual and Collaborative Planning: Scenarios in Sympa

We believe HR should have the capability to plan ahead, which is why we've developed Scenarios in Sympa. This feature allows you to experiment with various organisational setups by proposing changes within the org chart, ensuring HR can quickly align with leaders and collaboratively plan for the future. Curious to find out more? 


We love making our customers happy

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"After a long and thorough evaluation process, we are excited to finally start the implementation of Sympa. There are many reasons why we eventually chose Sympa as our preferred HR system vendor, but we particularly valued its extensive capability to allow us to build and develop the system based on our HR needs. Sympa is also clearly developing at pace in the right direction. With new important functions continually being launched, it's clear Sympa wants to maintain its position as a leading HR system."

Maja Samuelsson

Chief People & Culture Officer, Truesec

"Today, Sympa is integrated with our workforce management planning system (WFM), and all employees can change their monthly availability and access all relevant employee data in one central location, including contract details, holiday bonuses, sick leave status, appraisal discussions, and more. Sympa is the one crucial point of data for us."


Elli Holappa

CEO, Jungle Juice Bar

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