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Sympa loves all industries

One global HR solution for all industries


Sympa’s HR system caters to the needs of both local and multi-country companies. Manage employee certifications and licenses, equipment, or recurring training needs with ease.

If you need capabilities outside of Sympa’s features on, we’ll help map out your local and global integration needs for seamless data flow and global visibility across your organisation.

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The industry agnostic HR solution

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  • 750 people in 3 countries
  • Specialist in developing high-quality software solutions 
  • Has used Sympa since 2019
"The HR department is relieved of many worries; there are fewer questions because employees can find everything themselves. For example, people know when their laptop or telephone is due for renewal. It takes a lot of operational pressure off the HR"

Leo van Neutegem, Human Resource development manager, InfoSupport


  • 50+ Welding robots
  • 80.000+ tons of steel
  • 2100 employees in 5 countries
‘’From the beginning we recognised that Sympa was really the only provider that offered all necessary languages and whose system was flexible enough to be reshaped into exactly that what we wanted.’’

Agnieszka Koziara, Senior Vice President People & HR, Fortaco


  • 320 employees
  • 108 stations
  • Leaders in supervision
‘’Our last system was clumsy and hard to use. If the server was down we had to contact the IT department. We were always dependent on others in order for HR to function. It had become a dead weight. We spent hours doing things that we can do quickly today.’’

Malene Hulkvist, HR & Payroll manager, Saint-Gobain


  • 1700 employees
  • Department stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • Founded in 1993
“Every manager now gets a much clearer picture of their unit and department. They can view an instant snapshot of their staff, which saves both time and resources. The same structure and clarity is simply not possible through manual processes and disconnected systems.”

Anna-Lena Wallertz, Payroll & HR manager, Byggmax