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Delivering HR excellence in healthcare and welfare

Specialised solutions for healthcare HR teams that streamline induction, training, and qualification management. Simplify workforce management and career planning. All backed up by baked-in quality assurance, safety, and compliance.

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Handling complexity in healthcare HR

In no other industry does efficient workforce planning have such a profound impact on the wellbeing of those it serves. That’s why a streamlined HR function that covers everything from comprehensive onboarding programs to continuous training and competence management is vital. Sympa gives you the tools you need to support a diversified healthcare workforce, so they can focus on supporting the people they care for.


Sympa supports healthcare HR teams with:

  • Extensive onboarding programmes
  • Continuous training and competence maintenance
  • License requirements and fixed-term qualifications
  • Diversified workforce management, with permanent staff and interns
  • Job rotation arrangements and shift work
  • Concurrent employment relationships 

Keep your people processes flowing

  • An HR solution built for healthcare companies
  • ISO certified and GDPR compliant
  • Employee and manager self-service tools
  • Clear overview of multi-site and multi-country employee data
  • Simplified, automated HR processes that lower costs and save time
  • Powerful reporting – discover key company insights
  • User friendly UI that shows the information you need

A system that supports every step of your journey

When your company grows, Sympa will meet your needs. New countries, entities, and languages can be added at any time, and our wide range of local and global integrations ensure that you’ll always be able to optimise your processes the way you like, whenever you like.

Meet the needs of all your locations, everywhere

Sympa adapts to local legislation and is fully GDPR compliant in all countries. Connect Sympa with your favourite local and global tools for a complete view of all your people data in one centralised system. 

Customer story

Info Support

“We looked at many tools, and it turned out that there was no one-size-fits-all option. We could also eliminate many tools quite quickly because the technology was outdated or because we found the tools unfavorable in price. But Sympa turned out well and had the latest techniques and applications. That caught our attention.”

Mark Stap - Human Resource Development Manager

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