Info Support

Info Support was looking for one source of truth, one tool in which all HR-related information could be found centrally. Info Support's search ended with Sympa. 

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Info Support is a specialist in developing high-quality software solutions and is a leader in artificial intelligence (AI), cloud architecture, Managed Services, and IT training. The company is part of the Info Support International Group and comprises 750 people and six companies spread over several countries. Info Support wants to grow in a structured way. A new HR tool could help with this.


With a growing organization full of technical talent, you can count on strict requirements when looking for a new HR tool; security, privacy, and intuitive use are examples of this. Info Support's search ended with Sympa. Conversely, it soon became apparent that Info Support's strict requirements could also lift our organization to a new level. It has become an intensive collaboration in which Sympa further developed into a secure and future-proof functional tool.


Flexibility and one source of truth

Info Support was looking for one source of truth, one tool in which all HR-related information could be found centrally. In addition, the tool had to offer the possibility to optimize business processes further so that HR could facilitate more employees with the same capacity.

We looked at many tools, and it turned out that there was no one-size-fits-all option. We could also eliminate many tools quite quickly because the technology was outdated or because we found the tools unfavorable in price. But Sympa turned out well and had the latest techniques and applications. That caught our attention. 

Leo van Neutegem
Project Manager at Info Support

The main reasons why Info Support chose Sympa:

  • Flexibility to be able to connect in all kinds of countries. Info Support is located in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. We want to record information about colleagues in more than ten countries worldwide. Sympa works and connects globally.

  • The possibility to do implementations yourself, such as creating forms.

  • The possibility to create links and integrations yourself.

  • Developing a growing Employee Self Service (ESS) environment.

  • Being able to set it up variably per country.


A carefree HR department and the possibility to scale up and down

Sympa helps Info Support to facilitate more employees with the same HR capacity. Mark Stap, Human Resource Development Manager elaborates “The HR department is relieved of many worries; there are fewer questions because employees can find everything themselves. For example, people know when their laptop or telephone is due for renewal. It takes a lot of operational pressure off the HR department during the entire HR process, from onboarding to offboarding.”


Great collaboration

The implementation process became an intensive collaboration, which demanded a lot from both parties.
Leo van Neutegem emphasizes “Sympa not only agreed to our strict requirements. They chose to invest in their technology first rather than developing new functionalities. And they've put people at the helm who know what they're doing. We had solid discussions, but they were always respectful. And if you can continue to talk to each other at that level and with respect, you will progress. That gives us a lot of confidence for the long term. We are far from being fully developed with Sympa'.

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