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CTS GROUP is a Dutch company, founded in 1995 that specializes in providing distribution and logistics solutions throughout Europe. The company currently employs just under 200 people, divided between the headquarters in the Netherlands and a small office in Belgium. Flexibility, pro-active communication and innovation are at the core of CTS’s values and differentiates it from the competition.

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Before CTS GROUP decided to pick Sympa to be their new HR system, the organisation had been using another solution for its human resources. However, the limited possibilities that the system offered prompted the company to start looking for a more comprehensive HR solution that could offer the necessary support and features.

The search for a more comprehensive solution wasn’t an easy one. “Lots of solutions for time registration and salary management purposes were readily available,” recalls Ralph Morren, HR Manager for CTS GROUP, “but none of these seemed to offer all the necessary HR functions in one solution, as well as easy integrations with additional software that we had been looking for.’’

So, the company decided to take a new approach. Rather than holding out for a solution that would be able to meet all its needs out of the box, it instead looked for a complete HR solution that offered easy extensions to other software.

“With Sympa HR’s API options it is really easy to communicate between Sympa and the other applications that we use within the company,” says Morren. “We know that the foundation of a good HR structure lies in the simultaneous use of multiple systems, since it is not possible to find a system that covers all of the requirements that an ambitious and innovative company like CTS GROUP has.”

Eventually Morren and his colleagues settled on Sympa HR, initially attracted by the scope of its features and its ease-of-use. But it quickly became apparent to Morren that there was more to Sympa HR than just a great set of intuitive tools.

“With Sympa’s API options it is really easy to communicate between Sympa and the other applications that we use within the company.“


“It was great that we were able to introduce a cloud-based HR system that we could easily link to all of our existing systems by means of a simple integration’’, adds Morren. “not to mention how easily we are able to modify the system ourselves, whenever we feel the need.”

It soon became obvious how Sympa HR has helped improve the way the organisation’s HR team works. “After hiring a new employee, it’s amazing how easy it is to organise the entire onboarding process with Sympa,” Morren explains. “We can basically provide the employee with all the necessary tools and generate contracts and documents with one click in the system. It also provides us with an onboarding checklist of sorts and prevents us from forgetting to execute crucial steps.’’

“What we find most convenient is that an automatic reminder can be set for every single expiration, and that this can quickly be shared with a manager, employee, HR, or any kind of department for that matter. At crucial moments certain HR processes are secured, and best of all GDPR-proof. Processes like recruitment, onboarding, screening, training & development and evaluation often intertwine, and through using Sympa HR efficiently they’ve been optimised.”

As Sympa HR super user, Morren can easily modify elements of CTS GROUP’s own Sympa HR solution by working closely with both his own IT department and Sympa’s consultants.

”It was great how easily we are able to modify the system ourselves, whenever we feel the need.”


“We’ve created several different functions to tailor the solution fully to our own specific needs, varying from the creation of simple forms to the current development of a much more complex recruitment tool,” says Morren. Right now, the IT department is also developing a time registration tool with the integration via Sympa.

For CTS GROUP, the ability to create new features like these has turned out to be one of the most valuable aspects of the system. Sympa HR is not simply an HR system, it collects and handles the Master HR data in every possible format and can be easily extended with additional solutions, in essence creating a highly tailored HR solution that meets CTS GROUP’s unique business needs.

The next step for CTS GROUP is to continue optimising its HR processes with help of Sympa HR, which fits well with the LEAN-philosophy the company introduced several years ago. The idea is, in future, to have even more ways of supporting every single person within the company. Right now, every employee is already using the solution themselves, primarily for absence registration, viewing time sheets to check them against salary slips, and updating their own personal data when necessary. Employees also have access to company regulations, their company equipment inventory and the certificates they have gained.

“The things we value most highly about Sympa are the fact that we have all our information centralised in one place, accessible to those specifically authorised, the ease-of-use of the system and, most of all, the fact that we are able to create company-specific features in the solution by ourselves.”

Morren continues to closely work together with certified Sympa consultants to realise new and exciting ideas specific for his company. We can’t wait to see what he and his colleagues come up with!

”One of the things we value most highly about Sympa is the fact that we are able to create company-specific features in the solution by ourselves.”


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