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Explore our comprehensive HR software, designed to streamline your people processes with top-tier features and an extensive selection of integrations. Enhance collaboration with advanced solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Scenario planning

Improve HR processes by enhancing transparency and facilitate more streamlined organisational change planning.

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Organisation chart

Help HR and managers to seamlessly navigate and understand the organisation's structure, and hierarchy.

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Time registration

Improve HR processes by enhancing transparency and facilitate more streamlined organisational change planning.

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Employment lifecycle

Core HR

Smoothly running HR operations are the backbone of the employee lifecycle. With all the essentials you need to support your employees, Sympa Core HR automates routine HR tasks so you can focus on building scalable HR processes, every step of the way, from hire to retire. 




Security and privacy

From our HR software to our processes, everything is designed to ensure your data is private and stays that way. Fully GDPR compliant, privately encrypted, ISO compliant.

Flexible data core

Core employee information like personal details, preferences, addresses, HR or manager notes, bank accounts, employment information, job descriptions and more are all stored in an easy-to-customise way. 


Tracking equipment and assets gives the employees to do their jobs is built right in to Sympa. Never wonder again whether they have the tools for the job!

Long-term leaves & re-entry

Sympa supports employee leave, whether for mental or physical reasons, through the process, which, of course, can differ from country to country. Automatic notifications to follow up and, if needed, registration in governmental systems like NAV are provided. And when it’s time to come back, Sympa clearly lays out the process.


Core employee information like personal details, preferences, addresses, HR or manager notes, bank accounts, employment information, job descriptions and more are all stored in an easy-to-customise way.

Wellbeing integrations

It’s good to know that Sympa also connects to providers of wellbeing solutions, such as mental health providers, and can be the source of truth for, e.g. corporate club memberships like gyms.

Employment lifecycle

Recruitment, Onboarding and Offboarding

Give every employee the best possible start and exit from your company. Easily handle adding new employees, contract information, reporting, and electronic signatures in one place.





Managers can request to open new positions, with a full approval flow. Keep track of your open headcount at all times!


Whether you use Sympa’s ATS or a third party, you can integrate recruitment into your Core HR easily! Successful candidates go straight into your onboarding flow!


With full eSign, get contracts sent out and approved by all parties quickly, with full substitution and conditional signing and using flexible templates.


Actions help you to quickly fill out the right information to onboard your new employee. This can be fully customised as needed per department, to ensure your local process needs are met.


Should an employee resign, you can be sure everyone follows the right process. It’s easy to create checklists for the employee, the manager, HR and more. Since you’re tracking their equipment and assets, you know what to follow up on. Of course, your payroll provider will be notified, too.

Exit interview

Structured exit interviews are key to gaining a good understanding of your churn. It’s easy to customise your own to ensure you get actionable data to prevent future churn! 

Certificate of employment

Whether as a simple formal statement or as a deeper letter of recommendation, Sympa templates make creating employment certificates for leaving employees easy!

HR Ecosystem

Compensation and Payroll

Great HR results stem from a seamless flow of information between your in-house assets and your essential partners. Local payroll is a crucial area where this needs to be right, especially if you want to pay people as promised – and build reports you can trust to be accurate and actionable. 




Salary management

Flexibly track base salary changes for any employment type. Add benefits, one-time payments, bonuses and pension schemes. Even if you have multiple schemes in parallel.

Salary review

Built-in salary review tools make yearly salary changes easy. Pre-set fixed amounts and merit increases are distributed automatically to each of your managers. Get a full roll-up and approval at every level, with the ability to override where needed.

Compatibility with payroll providers

Sympa comes with built-in support for all common payroll providers in the Nordics and many other countries. For specialist local providers, we have generic or custom integrations or even a standard Data Change Export to ensure your payroll runs smoothly every month.

Collaborative Tooling


Help HR and managers to seamlessly navigate and understand the organisation's structure, and hierarchy.



Organisation chart
  • The new way to work with your organisational structure.
  • Show the whole company structure at a glance.
  • Or narrow it down to your team or reporting line.
  • Scroll, zoom and center to find what you’re looking for.
  • Search to highlight the right people to contact or to work with.
  • Switch directly to a table view for more information and filtering.
Scenario planning

Improve HR processes by enhancing transparency and facilitate more streamlined organisational change planning.

Employment lifecycle

Learning and Development

Sympa’s learning suite transforms workforce development by aligning learning with business goals. Once you have identified the essential skills for strategic growth, you build, deliver, and monitor learning program effectiveness – so you can take your people to the next level. 



  • Create skillsets like “Marketing” or “Welding”.
  • Add specific skills like “Copywriting” or “Plasma Arc welding”.
  • Introduce generic skills that apply to everyone, perhaps matched to your company’s values like “Collaboration” or “Innovation”.
  • Set target levels for skills either for everyone or for individual employees.
  • Have employees score themselves on each skill, or manage these with an admin.
  • Now you can discover skills-gaps and identify training or upskills needs!
  • Trainings allows you to easily organise internal or external ”in person” training, for example based on gaps discovered in Skills.
  • Track participation and validate completion, while automatically keeping a personal training history for each employee.
  • Assign employees to closed or private training.
  • Or have employees self-register for more broad or open training.
LMS with 360 Learning
  • A truly collaborative, AI-powered learning management platform synchronised with Sympa.
  • Perfect for self-paced, on-demand, and online learning needs.
  • Supports your entire organisation from onboarding and compliance training to sales enablement and front line staff training.
  • Easily create your own learning content with powerful AI tools.
  • Or purchase it from an integrated major content bank.
  • Available directly from Sympa.
Employment lifecycle


Build an open workplace culture centred on meaningful discussions between managers, leaders, and team members. Let your people feel heard – co-build employee development plans based on one-on-ones key findings and agreed next steps. 





Handle preparatory tasks from the manager and the employee side. Hold effective performance conversations and create improvement plans.


Hold regular, guided 1:1 conversations so managers can stay connected to their reports and drive good team dynamics.

Goal setting

Set individual goals for the period and review the outcomes of previously set KPIs.

Career and Succession management

Collect future career aspirations from employees and enable managers to assess potential,flight risk, and role criticality. Putting this information together makes replacing lost talent much easier and quicker, as well as stimulating career growth.

Seniority management

In many industries, employee seniority (or tenure) is an important driver of remuneration and advancement. Sympa allows you to customise and track this so you’re prepared for your employee’s next seniority milestone.

Disciplinary actions

For those cases where formal action needs to be taken, Sympa can record both verbal and written warnings, so you keep a clear record of what was shared and with whom. 

Employment lifecycle


A considerate time management process is important for the individual and collective wellbeing of your employees. Our solution allows you to easily manage employee time, absences, and holidays across all locations. 


Leaves and Absences

Customised for each country, Sympa handles all types of leave, be it short-term due to a minor illness or child care or longer leaves of absence. 


Manage all types of vacation so employees can rest and recuperate as needed!

Well-being support

To support longer leaves and reentry into the workforce, Sympa supports follow-up conversations, action setting, timely reminders, and more.

Time registration
  • Users are able to record hours worked and breaks taken.
  • Important requirement due to rollout of EU directive on Working Time.
  • The aim is to enable simple time registration for office workers.
  • As opposed to using project management time tracking tools which can be complicated and cumbersome to use when basic time registration is needed.
  • Automatically prefills working hours for the week for faster entry.
  • Data can be exported for use in overall reporting and elsewhere.
Employment lifecycle


Our scalable cloud HR software turns the HR metrics you choose to track into insightful reports covering everything from effective employment to organisational information, compensation, new hires and leavers, birthdays, and more. Add your favourite report to your company’s front page, share real-time reports with management 




Reporting and Analytics

Sympa turns your chosen metrics into insightful reports, covering everything from employment and compensation to career and succession planning, and more!

Whether you are using our ready-made templates or create an unlimited amount of personal reports, add your favourite report to your company’s front page, share real-time reports with management – whatever you need to do to give everyone the information they need. 

  • Get the high-level overview of everything that happens across your organisation.
  • Create and customise visual reports based on any data stored in the system, up to the minute!
  • Make data-driven decisions
BI Tool Integration

If you need deeper analytics or want to combine HR metrics with data from elsewhere in the business, you can connect Sympa with a Business Intelligence tool of your choice.

Tools like DearLucy and PowerBI are great for in-depth analysis of combined data sets, including Sympa HR data, business, financial, sales, and production data.

Sympa’s data format is natively supported by PowerBI, so set-up is easy!

Data history

Sympa’s records store a complete history of what was changed, when, and by whom. It’s only one click away. All tables retain historical records as well, for easy review.

Audit trail

Easily export audit information on log-ins, page views, data changes, configuration changes and more across your entire Sympa. Quickly investigate different timeframes to answer any audit or security questions.

Employment lifecycle


Automate core HR processes within a single platform, all with in-built GDPR compliance as standard. Your data is fully secure and hosted in Europe and we cover our process and practices with full ISO 9001 and 27001 compliance. 




Workflows and Approval

With Workflows, HR teams can input information in one go instead of using multiple pages, streamlining work and saving valuable time. After HR teams have defined the workflows, managers and employees alike can use them.

With Workflows, you can:

  • Improve HR processes and increase efficiency by automating key HR processes.

  • Reduce manual work and save time.

  • Improve compliance and reduce errors by streamlining the flow of work.

  • Establish greater flexibility and customisation options by allowing you to create and modify workflows to meet your unique needs. 

Automated notifications
  • Stay on top of new hires, leavers and probationary periods.
  • Never miss your colleague’s or team members’ birthday or work anniversary.
Automated employee activation/inactivation

Automatically maintain your employees’ profile status, whether they are new hires, current employees, or leavers.

RPA notifications

Set custom thresholds for automated follow-up on your employees’ absence, well-being, and other factors important to you.

User roles
  • Sympa offers fine grained user roles and permission management.
  • This allows you to easily control access to data and functionality for large groups of users.
  • Apply filters as well as detailed data and functionality access controls.
  • Set the time frames for the user to have access to the role.
  • And of course each change made is logged and auditable.

The Admin Settings menu is a hub only accessible to admins where you can configure and manage your Sympa system.

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