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A comprehensive HR system with collaborative functionality

Seamlessly handle the entire employee lifecycle with Sympa, the best multi-geo HR software that’s flexible and easy to use.

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Centralise your People with Sympa

Sympa delivers a complete HR software that seamlessly handles the entire employee lifecycle. It’s multi-geo, easy to use and flexible. What’s more, Sympa’s extensive ecosystem allows you to integrate all your other HR tools to ensure smooth data sharing and workflow transitions across systems. Equipped with unique collaborative features, our platform empowers HR and company leaders to rapidly respond to organizational changes, boost engagement among leaders, and centralize people in strategic planning. 

Our tailored, in-house onboarding support is designed to meet your specific business needs, enabling quick returns on your investment. Working closely with our customers, our experienced and committed customer service and support team will guide and assist you at every step of your journey. 


Navigate the employee lifecycle with ease

Sympa provides core HR functionalities designed to automate and optimize your entire employee lifecycle. By streamlining processes and automating routine tasks, you can save valuable time to focus on more strategic initiatives. With extensive analytics and reporting capabilities, you gain deeper insights into your People data, enhancing decision-making and operational effectiveness.

Coupled with best-in-class data security and compliance, Sympa ensures that you have a robust foundation, giving you the confidence to manage your workforce securely and efficiently. 


Your connected HR ecosystem

Connect all the tools and partners you need across locations with Sympa to support every aspect of human resources management.

From recruitment to payroll, e-signature processes, and learning & development, our ecosystem enhances HR workflows, drives efficiency, and allows you to focus on strategy, growth and employee engagement.  


Sympa Collaborative HR

After establishing efficient and smooth processes throughout the employee lifecycle and across the HR tech landscape, you need an effective way to collaborate with your most important stakeholders: your managers and the leadership team. 

Sympa's unique Collaborative HR offering brings HR and company leaders together. This enables swift adaptation to change, improved leadership engagement, and gives space to prioritize People in company strategy. By breaking down barriers between HR and company leaders, Sympa unites stakeholders to work together within a tool that already knows your people. 



Customer Support

We work closely with our customers, aiming to share the best practices we've developed over the years and to foster long-lasting partnerships. Beyond simply automating their HR processes, we strive to understand their unique challenges.

This deep insight allows us to continuously innovate and evolve our product, ensuring we provide solutions that help them succeed. 

Full support right from the start

We’ve successfully completed thousands of implementation projects for companies of all sizes, locations, and industries over the past 2 decades. And because every company is different, we understand you may want to buy our services, do the work yourself, or co-create the best possible solution for your business. 

In all cases, every step of our journey together includes guidance from real customer success, support and professional service experts, tons of people process best practices, and great self-help guides, all at no extra cost.  



We'll codesign your Sympa implementation blueprint.



We'll jointly design your solution and plan the next steps.



We'll build the project timeline and allocate resources.



We'll set up your Sympa solution and integrations. 



We'll teach you how to get the most out of Sympa. 


Go Live

Open Sympa to your entire organisation.



Continuously co-develop your system as you grow. 



Here to help, every step of the way.

We love making our customers happy

Level up your HR game with dynamic analytics and reporting.

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"We began by introducing Sympa in Denmark where most of our employees are located. It was a painless experience and reactions were for the most part very positive. Shortly after this, we rolled out the system area by area and soon the whole of Phase One was using the same system."

karina_phase one

Karina Bruhn Bach

People Operations & Payroll Specialist, Phase One

"After implementing Sympa, both employees and managers felt that they enjoyed better control. It is satisfying to be able to gather all the employees’ targets and development plans in one place – it makes things easier for all parties and provides the right people with increased control."

Charlotte Brasch AddSecure

Charlotte Brasch

Director of People & Culture, AddSecure