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Collaborative HR, finally.

A comprehensive HR system with extensive connectivity and collaborative functionality, Sympa connects your People and strategy. 

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Your people at the centre of strategy

Sympa is a comprehensive, flexible HR-system with extensive connectivity and an experienced team. With it's unique collaborative functionality, Sympa ensures that People are at the centre of company strategy. 


Navigate your employee lifecycle

Enhance your Employee Lifecycle with Sympa. Automate processes, save time and boost efficiency by ensuring you have the best tools and processes in place.

Equipped with advanced analytics and reporting, alongside efficient workflows and best-in-class data security and compliance, Sympa enables you to optimize operations, make informed, data-driven decisions, and gain deep insights into your workforce data. 


Build your own HR ecosystem 

Integrate all your favourite tools and partners with Sympa's HR ecosystem. Sympa offers HR connectivity with a full suite of tools that streamline recruitment, payroll, e-signatures, learning development, and much more. 

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Enhance HR and leader collaboration

Sympa's Collaborative HR offering brings HR and company leaders together by enabling swift adaptation to change and improved leadership engagement. In addition to this, it allows you to prioritise People in company strategy.

By breaking down barriers between HR and company leaders, Sympa unites stakeholders to work together within a tool that already knows your people. 

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Discover our comprehensive HR solutions that empower your managers, streamline your processes, and support your business strategy. 


We love making our customers happy

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"All our HR processes are handled within a single tool. This simplifies the work of HR, our managers and our staff."


Helene Pellvik

HR Partner, Sabis

"I’ll say this: we cannot live without our HR system. It’s the foundation for all other development. Having an HR solution, that can work across multiple countries and be flexible enough to reflect new ways of working, has been essential."


Morten Jakobi

Executive Vice President, People and Culture, Dustin

Explore the EU directives that directly impact HR

Swathes of EU legislation are coming into effect in many EU member states. From compliance to competitive advantage, we've identified the key focus areas for HR professionals looking to connect people with strategy.