Planning as it should be – visual and collaborative: Scenarios in Sympa

For decades, the HR-tech market has focused on supporting HR in streamlining processes, thus saving time and becoming more operationally efficient. However, with current large-scale shifts creating fundamental challenges at the workplace, HR’s role has moved beyond the operational towards being a core strategic function in the business. This change has created a need for new types of tools in support of a more strategic HR function.

Taking a collaborative approach to change

Anticipating and aligning business objectives with future workforce needs is crucial in today’s ever-changing business environment. Leadership teams prepare for potential business outcomes by creating scenarios. At Sympa, we believe that HR, which manages the company's most valuable asset, its people, should also have the capability to plan ahead. That’s why we have developed Scenarios within the Sympa HR system.

Scenarios is a game-changer, enabling HR professionals and company leaders to create and analyze people plans collaboratively and in real time. This proactive approach helps organizations prepare for potential business outcomes, ensuring that they are ready to meet any challenge head-on.

What is the Scenarios planning tool?

Scenarios in the Sympa HR system provides a comprehensive solution for proactive people-based planning. It allows HR and company leaders to create employee-related proposals and future scenarios together. Scenarios gets HR and company leaders on the same page quickly and allows for a collaborative planning process while enhancing efficient and transparent decision-making. Planning with full employee data ensures that organizations make informed decisions and are well-prepared for any potential business outcomes, driving success and agility in a dynamic business environment.

How will Scenario planning change collaboration?

Poor collaboration between HR and company leaders has been a hidden business cost for a long time. With the absence of proper joint planning tools, HR and leader collaboration has been spread across multiple channels and files (emails, chats, PowerPoints, and Excels). Additionally, HR and company leaders have struggled to piece together the full picture behind people and business impacts to support data-driven planning.

Sympa’s Scenarios bridges the critical gap between HR and company leaders. It allows HR and leaders to plan and prepare for change in a tool that already includes all the people data they need for effective workforce planning. This collaborative planning leads to better-prepared organisations that can handle any situation in a swift and effective manner.

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Embrace the future of HR with Sympa and ensure that your organization is always ready for what comes next. Be one step ahead and never fear change. Discover the power of Scenarios and transform the way you manage workforce changes.

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How does Sympa's Scenarios tool work?

Scenarios allows you to experiment with different organizational setups by proposing organizational changes within the org chart in a visual way. Scenarios can be seen as proposals for change that can be shared with and edited by others collaboratively and in real-time. Proposed changes appear instantly for everyone working on a common Scenario, ensuring that HR can quickly get on the same page with leaders and constructively plan for the future.