Sympa launches Collaborative HR – rethinking how HR connects People with Strategy

Collaborative planning in a tool that knows your people

Nordic HR software pioneer Sympa have announced the launch of Collaborative HR, a comprehensive feature set designed for HR and company leaders that puts People at the centre of driving and realising company strategy. Comprising of several market-firsts, Sympa’s new product features offer powerful new ways to handle business critical processes with People at their core. Sympa’s collaborative HR features helps HR leaders to finally move into more central leadership positions within their organisations. 

There are many HR tools on the market that aim to save time and increase HR productivity by streamlining processes for the different parts of the employment journey”, says Sympa CEO Jaco Fourie. “However, the market has lacked tools that help HR collaborate with company leaders on a more strategical level.” 

 “For HR to become a core business partner, the challenge was to rethink how an HR system partner like Sympa could allow HR and company leaders to work together in an agile way in constantly changing business landscapes. This was the north star for developing the Collaborative HR features, which will finally give HR the seat at the leadership table it deserves.” 

Powering the Collaborative HR approach is the ability for HR and company leaders to collaborate on decision-making and to develop people-related scenario plans within the HR system. Spearheading the development of the Collaborative HR features is Sympa Chief Product Officer Thijs Stalenhoef, who has worked with HR leaders and managers to deliver features that will make most impact in their jobs. 

 “We started by addressing what we found was a hidden burden for HR – the fact that traditional HR tools and processes do no help to facilitate and streamline decision-making in surprising but constant people related situations. We then learned that there was a real need to also be able to plan ahead and make scenarios around People and to connect these to potential business outcomes”, Thijs explains.   

 “Ultimately, Sympa’s new Collaborative HR features empowers HR to have agility in decision-making, to improve engagement with company leaders, and to ensure that People are at the centre of company strategy. You can now make plans in a system that already knows your people “ he concluded. 

Focusing on people instead of tasks as the fundamental unit of HR strategy, Sympa’s Collaborative HR features promises to finally provide HR with a seat at the leadership table. 

Find out more about Collaborative HR here.