We have been developing the features of our HR solution for Sympa’s customers, in order to make it easier and as automated as possible for them to comply with the current EU privacy regulation.

According to the GDPR, all individuals have the right to have their information removed from the system once the processing of this data is no longer necessary. Sympa now offers a new  functionality that makes the automated removal of data possible.

According to the EU GDPR it is not permitted to retain personal data that is no longer used for the same purpose as for which it was originally collected.

Data removal from Sympa

Manual deletion processes are easily forgotten, so automating the deletion process simplifies GDPR compliancy. The removal of redundant data is a basic feature of Sympa HR and this can be automated in order to support the processes of our customers. You are able to define exactly which data will be removed and when. With Sympa HR the removal of data is always secure, and our back-up system always fully complies with GDPR.

Register holders and handlers of personal information are responsible for damage claims, which are a result of the failure to comply with the GDPR terms.

Sympa complies to all technical and organisational GDPR requirements

We also help your organisation by going through the key issues that should be considered before the personal data is removed from the system. We do this from the point of view of Human Resources. In many organisations information about for example applicants or terminated employment agreements remain in the system for years to come. Sympa HR makes it possible for specific data to be removed after a specified period of time, for example after the employment agreement has ended.