A new partner, a new chapter, new talent.

Today, it is therefore my great pleasure to welcome new talent and expertise to our own team of Sympaticans. We have reached an agreement with Providence Strategic Growth (PSG), an investor with an excellent track record focusing on growing companies.

We’ve been looking for our next step of growth. With PSG, we share a common view of the current market situation: the European HR tech market is undergoing major shifts, and this opens up a wealth of new opportunities that we are well placed to seize. Businesses and public-sector organisations are becoming far more alert to the benefits of a comprehensive, human capital management solution. This is the perfect time to step up and make our solutions and exceptional service even more widely known.

With PSG as our new majority stakeholder, we see vast markets and boundless potential for Sympa in several sectors across Europe. Most importantly ­– we share the vision of Sympa as Europe’s leading HR technology provider.

Keijo Karjalainen
CEO, Founder

Ready for Change? Yes, we are!

Big investments always bring some change. In this case, I believe that those changes will be overwhelmingly positive.

Sympa has already been working with external investors since 2016 when our friends at Alfvén & Didrikson took a stake in the company, and now we’ll also have the support of the PSG team to help build our business across Europe. The best investors always bring more to the table than just capital – they offer experience, insight and skills, but are also fun to work with. PSG offers all of that while sharing our values and vision. I believe we’re now better placed than ever to realise those.

I’m determined to retain Sympa’s culture, one that rests on the quality of the relationships that Sympaticans have with one another and with our customers. I believe that a major factor in our success has been that we trust one another, our team and our customers.

As well as preserving our cherished culture, there will be continuity when it comes to our goals as well. We have long been focused on expansion – across borders and sectors – and this investment will allow us to continue on the same path, better equipped and with greater speed.

As we expand, our capacity to cater to local markets will increase, and our ongoing R&D efforts will ensure that you have the best HR solutions at your fingertips, both today and in the future. We aim to take our renowned Nordic HR tech to new heights and set the pace for the whole European HCM technology market.

I feel very excited and privileged to be guiding our expanded, super-talented team through the next chapter of this gripping growth story. Back in 2005, when my sister Taina and I first founded the company with invaluable support from our father and the rest of our family, we knew it was going to be an ambitious and fun endeavour. What we did not know is that it would be this rewarding and that our timing would be so fortuitous.

Ultimately all of this has always been, and will always be, about the people. What a journey it’s been – and we’re only getting started.



CEO, Founder

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