Sympa announces best ever end of year results

Our growth strongly accelerated in the last quarter of 2019 and we have now reached €10M turnover,” says Sympa’s CEO Keijo Karjalainen. That’s a clear indication of the underlying strength of the business. Our year-on-year sales growth over the past three months is close to 100% with new exciting openings in the public sector, so we’re confident of hitting our targets.”  

Sympa now employs 130 people throughout its expanded operations across Northern Europe, with the number of employees located outside of Finland increasing from eight to 45 people in two years. 

Sympa signed deals with 140 new customers across all markets last year. The largest Nordic market, Sweden, was a key driver of Sympa’s growth, with annual sales growth pushing past 100%. Oatly, Byggmax and The North Alliance were just three of a tranche of large new customers coming on board, making Sympa the clear market leader in terms of new business. In the Netherlands, Sympa’s new customers included CTS Group, Matrix Fitness and EuroDev. 

Already by 2018, more than 50% of our new business originated from businesses with roots outside of Finland.

Keijo Karjalainen

The rapid growth is also reflected in the user statistics – Sympa HR is now used an average of 650,000 times every month in over 100 countries. “Most of our new large customers operate in several countries – until now, HR software for mid-market companies were unable to handle international HR processes comprehensively,” continued Karjalainen.

GDPR highlighted the need for HR software that provides data security across an organisation’s HR operations. But more than that, companies want tools that support development and transparency throughout employee careers, regardless of geography. An HR system is no longer a nice-to-have tool to ease HR’s workload, but a strategic necessity that helps companies grow and develop the very best global teams. 

During 2019 Sympa also continued to make technological advancements, becoming the first HR system to offer e-signatures in partnership with e-signature providers like DocuSign, Scrive, Verified and Assently, opening the way to fully paperless HR.


About Sympa

Sympa HR is a complete, fully-customizable solution that lets you focus on people and smart decision-making. It provides companies with a clear, aggregated, view of all their people data, a trusted tool for automating a wide range of everyday HR tasks and unlimited integrations to other software. Backed up with great customer support, it’s currently used by more than 700 organizations in over 100 countries and has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates enjoyed by any HR software provider available in Europe.