Sympa expands in Denmark with an acquisition

The immediate effect will be to give Sympa additional staffing to establish an even wider presence in Denmark. Not only will Sympa’s Copenhagen office expand but a brand new Sympa office will also be opened in Aarhus.

Sympa’s new colleagues from Denmark will bring unrivalled experience and expertise in the field of Danish HR. While the Sympa HR solution is global, all HR is local. Sympa’s competitive advantage is in offering a complete HR solution allied with local expertise that ensures that each customer organization gets a system configured to reflect exactly both its needs and the local regulatory environment.

Sympa’s relationships with its Danish customers, previously managed by ProInfo, are now being handled directly, allowing the solution provider to communicate better and work even more closely with Sympa HR users. Sympa is also actively looking to recruit new colleagues to its Danish offices to ensure seamless local implementations, and a localised product and support services.

“ProInfo did an excellent job of helping us grow our business in Denmark,” says Keijo Karjalainen, Sympa CEO and co-Founder. “Now, with our new, seamless, in-house arrangement, we expect our expansion there will move even more quickly. Of course, there will be additional benefits for those Sympa customers across the Nordic region and the Netherlands who either have a presence in Denmark or who are thinking about expanding there.”

I think we can say with real confidence that we offer a comprehensive HR solution for companies right across the Nordic region.

Keijo Karjalainen, CEO

“I’m really proud of the body of experts and expertise that we have assembled in Denmark”, says Karjalainen. “I’d like to thank ProInfo for all the work they did on our behalf, welcome the new team on board, and look forward to a very bright Sympa future as we continue to expand across Europe.”