Ikano Bostad and Sympa win “2019 HR System Implementation Project”

The winning entry, “An implementation project that became an internal reference case,” brought the prize jointly to Ikano Bostad and to Sympa.

Ikano Bostad’s Head of HR Pirjo Unnerstad, was at the annual gala in Stockholm to receive the prize. Unnerstad was thrilled with the result: “I’m proud! It’s great to have affirmation for that initial good feeling we had when we first met with Sympa. It feels good to know that our way of working with the solution provider actually works well!” she continues and smiles.

“We collaborated very closely on the implementation,” she says, “so it was great to win this jointly with Sympa.”


The jury’s conclusion:

The judges recognised the fact that much of the project’s success stemmed from the working relationship between Ikano Bostad and Sympa. “This was an example of a successful implementation project, filled with unusual joy and a strong focus in a well-structured project, characterized by transparency, acknowledgement, hard work and a tight partnership between the customer and the supplier.”

“The project has achieved all the stated targets and provided an opportunity for developing the processes, thus creating an experience of high service level and user friendliness for the employees in the entire company.”

The project that became an internal reference case

“There were three things in particular that we did well and that really contributed to the success of this project,” says Unnerstad.

“First, we involved IT early and we worked closely with them throughout the project. Secondly, we set a realistic schedule and had realistic expectations for the results. It is very important to stick to both the timetable and the scope.”

“Lastly, we had the right people in the right roles within the project group so we could make important decisions quickly when needed,” Pirjo adds.

The overall project ran from May 2017 to May 2018. Its success meant that the project became a reference point for all new implementations at Ikano Bostad.

Sympa partner
Sympa partner
Sympa partner

Now Ikano Bostad works effectively with Sympa HR

“We are very pleased with the results,” says Unnerstad. “For us it was important to get a user-friendly system, especially for very occasional users, and now we have it.”

“Sympa’s HR is simple and educational. We have all our information in a single system that provides comprehensive support for all our HR processes. In addition, the managers have a good tool with which to work, and that simplifies both their work and ours,” she says. 


The HR system project 2019 prize

For the second consecutive year, HerbertNathan & Co has awarded a prize for the best HR system project of the year. The prize was awarded at a ceremony at Forum Affärssystem & HR in Stockholm on May 21, 2019.

All HR system suppliers and their customers are welcome to nominate successful HR system projects for the prize. A jury made up of HR directors and HerbertNathan & Co’s HCM business area manager evaluate the entries and decide the winner.


About Ikano Bostad

Ikano Bostad is a housing company, owned by the Kamprad family, that employs 480 people. The company has about 1,500 homes in production, 300 beds and 5800 rental apartments that contribute to sustainable neighbourhoods.


About Sympa

Sympa’s HR is a complete, fully-customisable solution that lets you focus on people and smart decision-making. It provides companies with a clear, aggregated, view of all their people data, a trusted tool for automating a wide range of everyday HR tasks and unlimited integrations to other software. Backed up with great customer support, it’s currently used by more than 1000 organisations and has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates enjoyed by any HR technology available in Europe. Read more:

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