Sympa makes Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Finland list ten years running

"The right people make sustainable growth possible and we have made a strategic decision to invest heavily in recruiting. Sympas’s reputation as a supportive, friendly and fun place to work means there have been no difficulties to find new people to support our growth."

Keijo Karjalainen, Sympa's CEO and founder

Profitable growth is one of Sympa’s two main goals. Having fun doing it is the other one. Sympa’s CEO makes this absolutely clear to all new recruits at the very beginning of their employee onboarding. 

Sympa has also grown through business acquisitions, most recently by acquiring Pulse, an employee-engagement application created by Finnish mobile-B2B software specialist, Apped. The application enables organisations to measure and enhance wellbeing at work by actively listening to employees through real-time HR Pulse surveys. “Many of our customers are built around the competence of self-managing teams, and therefore there’s a real need for transparency in communications and for a channel where everyone can raise issues for discussion. We have met these needs with the Pulse application, ” Karjalainen says.  

This year, Sympa took part in the the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s project called the “Future Workplace”, which brought together more than 50 organisations to develop ways to innovate in workplace design and adapt to constantly changing working life. As a result of this, Sympa created a tool called “the Dreamcloud” that explores employees’ potential and supports their ambitions more effectively.  

"We want to take our employees' dreams seriously and take them forward."

Anna Aarnisalo, Sympa's HR Manager

We’re building a bridge between employees’ dreams and business strategy so that the whole organisation knows what skills are needed and what is being invested in. In this way, we will continue to provide a home to the best professionals in the field and to keep them motivated in the future, says Sympa HR Manager Anna Aarnisalo. 

This is the 13th time the fastest growing technology companies in Finland have been listed by Deloitte’s in its Technology Fast 50 list. It ranks companies by the increase in turnover over the past four years (2013-2016). Through Technology Fast 50, Deloitte supports the visibility and expansion of Finnish growth companies both domestically and internationally.