Fortaco chooses Sympa to upgrade and streamline its global HR processes

The procurement process quickly led to Sympa. ’From the beginning we recognised that Sympa was really the only provider that offered all the languages we needed and the flexibility to be reshaped into exactly what we wanted’, says Agnieszka Koziara, Senior Vice President, People & HR. 

The benefits of Sympa have already become clearly visible throughout the organisation. Having one master database improves data accuracy and makes it much easier to prepare recurring reports, while operating common HR processes across the company significantly reduces the amount of paperwork for People & HR executives and team managers alike. 

This project is part of Fortaco’s digital transformation plan, and together with Sympa, Fortaco aims to modernise its People & HR operations, providing employees with more flexible systems and improving the employee experience. For managers, it is a way of keeping people more connected. “The HR-data we have can now be trusted.’’ Says Lars Hellberg, Fortaco’s President & CEO. 

Fortaco’s assessments and salary reviews are due to be brought onto the system shortly and there are also plans to carry out recruitment using the system. As Lars Hellberg puts it: ’Sympa’s portfolio is amazing, there are so many things to pick from’. 

’’We are very happy that Fortaco has put their trust in Sympa HR as their new People & HR system’’, says Keijo Karjalainen, Sympa CEO. ’’We can’t wait to see what the future holds, but we are confident that this is the beginning of a great partnership.’’ 

Sympa HR rollercoaster

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