HRTech breakfast roundtable UK series: Employee wellbeing edition

Sympa is launching the second UK event in their HRTech roundtable series!

With the topic of the “Employee Wellbeing” trending amongst HR leaders, Sympa is bringing its Nordics take on the subject to the UK market by organising an exclusive roundtable on the matter. The goal is for the audience to gather insights on how they can benefit from the same model that makes the workforces in these countries the happiest in the world. 

When people are happy, they’re healthier, and with more energy they’re more productive

According to Gallup analysis, there are 5 Elements to Wellbeing:
*Source: Gallup 07/2022

  • Career wellbeing: You like what you do every day.

  • Social wellbeing: You have meaningful friendships in your life.

  • Financial wellbeing: You manage your money well.

  • Physical wellbeing: You have energy to get things done.

  • Community wellbeing: You like where you live.


Gallup analysis has shown that career wellbeing has the strongest impact on overall wellbeing.

A good job can improve all aspects of wellbeing. It provides financial benefits, but it also offers social interactions, physical activity and connection to one's community.

The past two years have highlighted the importance of both physical and mental health in the workplace, and today’s employees are expecting more when it comes to their wellbeing.

You probably heard, but Nordic countries are always in the top of the annual World Happiness Report for many reasons. And with the Nordics leading the way to employee happiness, we thought to share with you Sympa’s secrets on how you can achieve this in your regions.

Nordic countries are consistently ranked in the top 10 for the happiest workers in the world and organisation’s should learn from them when developing their employee wellbeing strategies.

This event will give a better understanding of how you can deliver regular initiatives to boost and help increase employee wellbeing within your organisation.

Presided by Annette Andrews as the speaker for this event, this roundtable aims to discuss the new roles, responsibilities and effects HR managers will have on organisations from now on.

Annette is a leading people and culture executive who has held senior HR roles at Ford, Lloyd’s of London and Lloyd’s Banking Group. She works with organisations to help develop post-pandemic working practices and considers how ongoing societal changes will affect the workforce.

Hosted in London, along with a delicious complimentary breakfast at the stunning Ivy City Garden, this is set to be another insightful event for HR leaders in the UK market to learn and network with their peers!