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Sabis is a Stockholm based family company founded in 1874. It employs 600 people and runs five convenience stores, five hotel- and meeting facilities, 12 cafés and 25 restaurants, including those at the Swedish Parliament, Carnegie and Skandia. Sabis is not afraid to set ambitious goals and wants to offer customers of its restaurants and conference venues the best possible experience.

All essential HR-processes combined in one easy to use tool

Sabis relies on being able to attract and retain excellent staffsomething that is becoming more challenging with the rapid growth in their sector. The company also wanted to be able to bring all its human resource processes and tasks together neatly in one system. 

Helene Pellvik is an HR Partner at Sabis. She sees it as her role to provide essential support, which enables her colleagues to excel at what they do. 

“The best thing about my job is working with our managers and seeing them growthe same goes for our other employees. It is also about getting everyone to move in the same direction, and that includes encouraging them to use our HR-processes to make their daily work easier and more efficient, in turn, helps Sabis achieve its goals.  

The company wanted to find a system that would bring together all the strands of its HR operations. “Our leaders are very hands-on,” says Helene. “They spend a lot of time on the shop floor. So it’s important that the system is easy to use, wherever they are.” 

Many of the company’s managers have worked their way up through the hospitality industry. They could be chefs or front of house managers, but they aren’t the sort of people to sit behind a desk. They prefer to lead from the front.  

“Our managers tend to be hands-on people rather than administrators, so we need to make the administrative tasks easy for them to deal with.”

Helene Pellvik
HR Partner at Sabis

Our managers tend to be hands-on people rather than administrators, so we need to make the administrative tasks easy for them to deal with. We wanted to find a solution that both these groups of colleagues would embrace.” 

Sabis looked for a system that offered a wide range of features, that was very flexiblecould be customised around its business and processes but that was also intuitive to use. “We chose Sympa HR because it’s a straightforward and user-friendly HR system,” says Helene.  

Smooth cooperation between HR and IT

IT project manager Patrick Thörnlund is an enthusiastic contributor to Sabis’s business development and was involved in the process from the outset. “The implementation project of the system has been very smooth,” he says. Working with Sympa has been a great experience, together we make a strong team. 

Helene agrees. “We’ve built a close working relationship with our Sympa project manager. She makes everything very clear and easy to understandAs a result, we have learned a lot, both as HR professionals ourselves and as a company.” 

I’m glad that the IT department was involved from the beginning” says Patrick. “It allowed us to make adjustments early on. If we had been brought in at the end of the project that would have been much harder.” 

“I’m glad that the IT department was involved from the beginning. It allowed us to make adjustments early on. If we had been brought in at the end of the project that would have been much harder.”

Patrick Thörnlund
IT Project Manager at Sabis

“We’ve already been able to use Sympa HR extensively,” Patrick continuesThere have been plenty of times when we’ve needed to collect employee data for different analysis purposes and we’ve been able to organise it clearly and effectively.” 

Helene says the system is already making a huge difference. “Everything from employment contracts to introductions, annual reviews, job descriptions and essential discussions. All our HR processes are handled within a single tool. This simplifies the work of HR, our managers and our staff.  

Now that the HR department is using Sympa HR smoothly, Helene and Patrick are about to roll out the system to a wider group of users. Next up will be Sabis’s managers. Helene and Patrick have been spreading the word and showing everyone how the system works“They’re really quite excited,” Helene saysThey’re looking forward to having all the documentation they need digitally, and all the processes combined in one system. Team leaders will be able to manage their respective teams in the system and get a good overview over their employees at a glance. 

We can absolutely recommend Sympa HR as an HR-system,” she saysIts easy to use and the interface is great. We can totally adjust it around our own ways of working. 

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