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Falck's business is based on providing a variety of 24h phone services to, among others, insurance companies and vehicle import companies, as well as its operations as the leading provider of roadside assistance services. In addition, in the southern Kymenlaakso region, Falck provides both emergency medical services and patient transport services. In order to strengthen this business area, Falck bought the Finnish 9Lives group in July 2015. In Finland, Falck employs approximately 100 professionals, and 9Lives employs 300 health care professionals. In addition, the roadside service network includes 50 entrepreneurs and their employees.

Falck and Integrata are cooperating to make HR processes more straightforward. Through process design, they have found ways to make the practical execution of HR and payroll processes easier.

In order to support the processes, Integrata has deployed the Sympa HR system for Falck. The system helps in issues such as recruitment, managing employment relationship and salary data, ordering and managing tools, and personnel development.

In addition, the data entered into the Sympa system is utilized in other data systems, which reduces the need to enter the same data into different systems multiple times.


Integrata is a HR information system and payroll expert company also specialised in consulting. Integrata’s expertise is based on understanding the customer’s processes and using process design to create efficient company-specific solutions. Integrata’s offices are located in Tampere, Helsinki and Pori, Finland. 

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