Forex | Scalable and customised system for the whole organisation

FOREX was looking for an HR system that could be used across the entire Nordic region. It was for the simplicity of navigating, administering and using the system that they choose Sympa.
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FOREX is a Nordic company with its roots in Sweden. With a long and impressive history behind it, the company is fully committed to strengthening its position as the Nordic market leader in travel currency and other travel services. FOREX has stores in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, and employs over 500 employees.

Partly thanks to its curiosity and strong desire to develop, FOREX is a fun and dynamic place to work. Staff are given the chance to have their say, develop themselves personally and professionally, and take on responsibility. For FOREX, the employee journey is quite simply a vital part of the organisation.

When GDPR was introduced back in 2018, FOREX’s need to digitalise its employee processes suddenly became much more urgent. The company needed a user-friendly system to keep track of its employee data from across the Nordic region, says Caroline Gestrup, HR Manager at FOREX.

“Our previous processes were mostly paper-based. Although we already had some systems in place, they didn’t talk to each other, which made the whole process difficult to handle. This caused us a lot of extra work.”

Searched high and low for a simple and customisable system

FOREX’s HR department was looking for a system that could be used across the entire Nordic region. The perfect solution would be a simple tool which offers the chance to tailor both the content and the underlying processes. And it was precisely because of the simplicity of navigating, administering and using the system that we ultimately opted for Sympa, tells Gestrup.

“We are constantly striving to streamline our processes and wanted to be able to add new functions quickly and easily. That’s why Sympa is such a good match for us – once we’ve identified a need, we can make the necessary changes ourselves, or get help from Sympa if we need to.”

Scalable and easy to integrate

In addition to the system’s adaptability, its scalability and scope for integration also offered huge benefits for FOREX. When the pandemic swept around the world in 2020, FOREX, like many other businesses, were forced to scale back. This process was a breeze with Sympa. Scalability means that you never need to work with, or pay for, an unnecessarily complicated system, tells Gestrup.

The ability to integrate systems which previously did not talk to each other has resulted in a clear and transparent system. Thanks to Sympa, FOREX is now able to control every step in the employee journey. As soon as a new employee is added, a user profile with email address and other details is created. Amongst other things, the system enables you to manage employment contracts and changes in employment conditions and salaries, not to mention holidays too. The system also covers regulatory processes, enables you to track strategic goals and key figures, and registers and follows up to ensure that employees complete the necessary internal training.

Sympa FORall

This all-encompassing system has been so effective that it’s even been given its own name.

“Because Sympa’s HR system is intended for everyone, both employees and managers alike, we wanted to make sure everyone could have their say in how it was customised. We ran a small competition asking people to come up with suggestions for an internal name for the system. The winning entry was simply – FORall. It feels great that together we named our tailor-made system which has helped to streamline our business so much,” says Gestrup.


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