Byggmax | A Comprehensive, flexible HR system built for the future

Since its inception in 1993, the business and its pool of employees has rapidly grown. And, with this growth, the need for a well-functioning HR system has also increased.

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With more than 1700 employees across Sweden, Norway and Finland working at department stores centred on a simple but efficient business concept, Byggmax has built a solid reputation by offering customers affordable, high-quality construction products. The company has seen rapid growth since its inception in 1993, which has increased their need for a well-functioning HR system.

Manual processes and systems that didn’t talk to each other. Before June 2019, that was reality for the Byggmax HR department. Like so many other businesses, the company struggled to centralise its employee data. Anna-Lena Wallertz, Byggmax Payroll and HR Manager, elaborates:

“For the longest time, our HR work solely centred on a huge number of documents in different folders. Much of the responsibility fell on our site managers who were expected to keep track of important documents and employee information. The system of work presented many problems, such as when one site manager left and another took over. When the organisation grew as fast as it did, knew we needed to centralise our information and create a definite structure for the entire employee journey.”

Looking for an easy-to-handle, capable system

Byggmax began hunting for system that would help them centrally manage the processes that affected their employees. They wanted an easy-to-handle yet comprehensive tool that they could also adapt as needed. After considering several systems, they decided on Sympa. And the tool has not let them down so far.

“Today, we have built a comprehensive resource that contains everything related to our staff across the entire employee lifecycle,” continues Anna-Lena. “Our site managers can use Sympa to find and log information about subjects ranging from salaries and employee interviews to employment contracts and exit interviews. We also have full visibility of which employees have completed our internal training or taken truck tickets.”

Sympa provides control and insight

For Byggmax, Sympa acts as both a control function and an overview of the entire organization and its employees. The features most appreciated by Byggmax are the salary review function and the ability to integrate Sympa with systems like time reporting and payroll management. For Anna-Lena, the benefits that the system generates for the business are many.

“Every manager now gets a much clearer picture of their unit and department. They can view an instant snapshot of their staff, which saves both time and resources. The same structure and clarity is simply not possible through manual processes and disconnected systems.”

An international company requires cross-border processes

As a company with employees in several countries, scalability and processes across borders were obviously important. Sympa enables all operating countries to use the same system, with adaptations to different national laws and regulations. The ability to continue shaping the system as the organisation evolves is a powerful asset and a key component for success in Byggmax’s future, Anna-Lena concludes.

“I am absolutely convinced we will use Sympa for the long-term. We will continue to expand the system into more countries and perhaps even more companies. We aim to go far, and we believe Sympa can be there for us.”


We also had the pleasure of speaking to Anders Lindberg, who is sharing his experience in working with Sympa in different countries: