Axaz is a growth company – led by some very experienced hands. It burst onto Oslo’s business scene in May 2021 with a mission to shake up the way IT services are delivered.

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A new player that is rethinking how IT services are delivered

The three founders of Axaz all worked together at PwC where they came to realise that most IT implementations and integrations are long, complex, expensive – and often slow to deliver value to customers. “We knew there had to be a better way,” says Kim Jarno-Kristiansen, CEO of Axaz.

The founding idea of Axaz is to deliver solutions that help customers with digital transformation – to become data-driven and future-oriented in a cost-effective and secure way. They deliver flexible implementations, and can quickly handle changes and new business needs after the implementation is completed. Axaz delivers everything from architectural services to integrations and a data platform based on market-leading technologies.

Axaz decided early on not to offer services they wouldn’t use themselves. As Jarno-Kristiansen says, “We are taking our own medicine. We want our company to set the standard for how to achieve control, security and efficiency through integration and data flow between different systems. ”

It is important for Axaz to lead by example and that they can say with confidence that the services they provide work well and that they get the desired value out of them. The market has responded nicely to their solutions and they are quickly gaining customers within both the private and the public sector.

An HR system that grows with your business

Jarno-Kristiansen had a positive experience with Sympa through his work at PwC, which involved acquiring HR systems for clients. The Axaz management team reached out to Sympa soon after founding the company. “Sympa has one of the best APIs we’ve seen in an HR system,” Jarno-Kristiansen continues.

An API, short for Application Programming Interface, is an interface that allows different systems to talk to each other. Sympa’s integration-friendly API works well and enables data flow between systems such as payroll, time-tracking and workforce planning.

One of the services we offer is system integration, so we need to work with an HR solution that integrates well with other systems and lets us build good data flows. We’re happy that Sympa ticks all these boxes.

Axaz’s fast growth also made it essential to acquire an HR solution that could enable efficient scaling, as well as handle the influx of new employees in a structured and professional manner. They are planning to triple their headcount in the next 12 months – and double it again the following year. The company is growing quickly and aims to be a go-to player in the Nordic market within a few short years.

“Because of our rapid growth, it’s very important for us that recruitment and employee onboarding is as frictionless as possible,” Jarno-Kristiansen says. This is why Sympa’s onboarding solution is highlighted as a big positive by Axaz. It supported the company to create a thoughtful process that helped new employees settle in and appreciate the company’s culture, operations, guidelines and policies.

Sympa also helped Axaz build an excellent overview of their people data. “We prioritised full GDPR compliance early on by getting all our people data into Sympa. This means we keep all our employee information up to date and in one place.” According to Jarno-Kristiansen, another highlight is how effortless it is to configure the system to fit their needs.

It is very easy to make the system fit our workflows, data architecture and processes.

A successful implementation and a bright future ahead

Choosing Sympa was the first step. The next test was implementation and integration with Axaz’s other systems. In the end, Sympa’s consultant Bjørnar Johansen left the team at Axaz very impressed. The implementation process with Sympa was excellent and Bjørnar guided us through the project in an efficient and professional manner,” says Jarno-Kristiansen, after the project was successfully concluded within just two months.

“Bjørnar knows the system very well, and obviously has deep experience of implementing Sympa.” Jarno-Kristiansen particularly appreciated the Sympa project methodology of clearly presenting all the steps throughout the entire process. It was also made clear during the implementation that Axaz had to learn to work with the system on their own. “Bjørnar helped us become more independent and confident in using Sympa after the implementation project was complete.”

But this isn’t the end of the journey. Axaz plans to start using Sympa for appraisals, employee goal setting and career planning. The Axaz team is also happy to easily make changes to the system without needing further consultation. For example, Sympa’s API makes it simple to monitor and automate the granting and removal of user rights, access and licenses.

Sympa's API makes it simple to set up the data that we want to make available. We have what we need without extra development or asking a Sympa consultant to help us.

Axaz is also taking the first steps to become a Sympa integration partner. “We’re looking forward to an exciting collaboration that will let us create the value we want to offer our customers,” concludes Jarno-Kristiansen. In the future, Nordic enterprises can look forward to Sympa’s HR solution being offered as part of a comprehensive IT service delivered by a proven team that values agility, ease of use and pain-free implementations.

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