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GAME is a sports NGO and passionate about street sports. They have a lot of employees who are active on the asphalt but not in the office. The organisation chose to adopt Sympa’s custom-made HR system because it allows their employees to easily maintain and update their personal data. The Sympa HR system can even help manage salaries and monitor the outputs, which is crucial to their donors.


“At GAME we use Sympa HR to review and approve salaries, to monitor our outputs on various projects and to keep our database updated with our employees’ personal information,” says Simon Prahm, the CEO at GAME. “Our goal was to optimise a number of internal HR processes and functions, and in this we’ve been very successful. For example, with the latest update to Sympa HR, we have cut the time taken to process our salary reports by 50%.”

Why Sympa?

“We looked at several different service providers but found no one as flexible as Sympa,” Prahm explains. “The Sympa HR system has given us a clear overview of our HR data and saved us a lot of time that would have otherwise been absorbed by our daily routines. We can now also search through a database of all our employees’ skills, so we can always choose the right people for our projects.”


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