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HR system must be flexible for logistics

The staff arrangements in logistics, storage and transport businesses involve certain special traits that are rare in other fields. On this page, you can find information on the distinctive features of HR in logistics and on the range of ways in which our HR solution supports them.


Basic data and comprehensive field-specific information

Some of the basic data and documents entered in an HR system are largely similar in all lines of business: employment types, employment contracts, salary information, induction details, holiday accrual and so forth. However, a lot can be gained in logistics and transportation by also adding relevant field-specific information in a centralised system. Information such as each employee’s driver’s licence types and security clearance status data can be used to facilitate essential everyday work arrangements.


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Vehicle and driver registers

For everyday work arrangements to run smoothly, it is convenient to have all the company’s vehicles listed in a simple, logical register. This allows easy access and lookup based on specific search criteria. Many logistics companies also supplement the list with a driver register to enable easy search of vehicle use by each driver at a given time.


Tool and supply data management: fuel cards, work clothes, access rights

Sympa brings added value to logistics companies through improved tool and supply data management. Information on fuel cards and access rights, for example, can be saved in a centralised system and linked to the employee register. In addition to improving the reliability and safety of the company’s operations, this also elevates customer service.


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Induction and continuous training

Logistics companies must not only arrange employee induction properly but also document it carefully for later traceability and verifiability. External auditors and major clients, for example, may wish to authenticate that the service provider manages its staff induction appropriately. Sympa HR enables punctual information input and maintenance, along with electronic signing by both the employee and the employer.


Qualification and certificate requirements

Sympa HR can be used to send out reminders about the upcoming expiration of fixed-period certificates and licences. These alerts can be prompted with your selected distribution and as much in advance as needed. The system also provides information and instructions on the training available to renew them. What’s more, the HR solution automatically calculates any training-related tax benefits available to the employer.

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Management of close-call situations and complaints

For the sake of safety and continuous improvement, lessons should be learnt from near misses and human errors. The best HR solutions bring substantial benefits in related processes, as deviations can be systematically recorded, related information added, and the number and type of such occasions followed up on a regular basis. Transparent and easily available deviation details and reports in Sympa HR benefit individual employees, teams, and the business as a whole.