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Meet Sympa's Cloud HR Software

Build smooth global view of your people operations with respect for local insights. Automate routine HR tasks. Focus on your people. Build your strategy.

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Manage the employment life-cycle

Smoothly running HR operations are the backbone of the employee lifecycle. With all the essentials you need to support your employees, Sympa Core HR automates routine HR tasks so you can focus on building scalable HR processes, every step of the way, from hire to retire.

Onboarding - Feel welcome from day one


Make the start a walk in the park

Give every employee the best possible start in your company. Easily handle adding new employees, contract information, reporting, and electronic signatures in one place. Transfer new personnel data into other systems with ease through our integrations and connectors.

  • Create a great first impression for your new employees.
  • Build easy to follow processes that simplify onboarding.
  • Use e-sign to securely allow employees to sign contracts anywhere.

Speedy, safe, simple signatures

Let your people sign contracts anytime, anywhere.

  • Connect your tools and securely handle any HR document within Sympa.
  • Sign important documents anywhere.
  • Support both remote and hybrid work.
  • Guarantee security of important documents.

Employment - Smoother HR for everyone, everywhere


Keep your information on point

Easily handle everything people operations-related in one central view. Ensure employee information is always accurate through our Employee Self-Service feature. Get everyone paid on time, every time by sharing banking information through payroll through integrations. Create custom contracts or use templates to ensure HR processes keep moving. View all e-signed and scanned contracts in one view.

  • Ensure full GDPR compliance with always up-to-date people data
  • Track your key HR metrics through a global overview of your employee data
  • Effortlessly manage employment contracts through one central system

Offboarding - Part ways the right way 


Handle leaving with a positive vibe

Deliver GDPR compliant offboarding for all employees in all locations. From follow-ups to registration, exit interviews, certificate of employment, and automated data removal, Sympa’s tools offer a smooth offboarding experience for all leavers.

  • Smooth offboarding that leaves a positive last impression.
  • Exit interview format that captures clear and usable data.
  • Automatically schedule the removal of redundant information.

Automated data removal

We take the protection of personal data seriously. To help you ensure data retention rules are followed, Sympa lets you create automatic data removal schedules that will keep you GDPR compliant in all locations.

  • Set data removal intervals.
  • Stay locally compliant through multiple automated data removal processes.
  • Remain compliant in future through a system that scales with you.

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We’d love to show you how Sympa can help you optimise the entire employee life cycle so you can focus on your people.