The Benefits of Coaching in Agile HR

Our previous blog post briefly discussed coaching as an HR tool. In the following weeks we will take a closer look at this subject. How many types of coaches and coaching are there? We elaborate on performance and development coaching and offer you great tips on how to become a better coach. But let’s get back to the beginning: How does coaching fit into Agile HR?

From Coaching in Sports to Coaching in HR

The term coaching is often associated with sports, but it can just as easily be used in relation to Human Resources Management. Sports and HRM work in similar ways, as they both focus on outstanding performances of individual team players to effectively reach a common goal.

The most successful teams are often those who ditch the traditional top-down structure where players are merely executing tasks given to them by their supervisors. Instead, they take full responsibility of their own actions and performance. This Agile way of working not only stimulates individual team players, but pushes an entire organisation forward.

Coaching as a Powerful Agile HR Tool

Coaching and Agile HR go hand in hand. When coaching is taken seriously, it increases employee engagement and commitment. Regular one-on-one talks – which fit the Agile Performance Support we talked about earlier – offer HR Managers valuable insight in current affairs and stimulate taking immediate action should this be needed. With its focus on performance, development and wellbeing – topics very well known to HR – coaching can be a useful HR tool in all levels of an organisation.

An Agile HR system can help HR Managers become better coaches. It offers immediate insight at any given time and place. Regular one-on-one talks will benefit from consulting a modern HR system, as it provides team leaders with specific information on every player. Do they need additional training for example, to be of value for a certain project? The results from coaching sessions, and development and performance discussions can be submitted to the HR system, where it is stored securely in one place. This data can be used in future sessions and discussions.

Interested in becoming a better coach? Our Agile HR solutions help you turn coaching into a valuable HR tool. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Martta Riihimäki