SwaS: the solution for building your next HR ecosystem

It’s fair to say that HR plays a pivotal role in driving any organisation's success. From recruitment and onboarding to performance management and compliance, HR professionals are juggling an ever-increasing number of responsibilities. To streamline these tasks, many businesses have turned to traditional HR SaaS solutions. While popular, a new player is gaining prominence: HR solutions that offer Software with a Service (SWAS). Below, we explore what SwaS is and why it's a game-changer for HR professionals looking to purchase an HR system. 


Understanding SwaS 

Software with a Service, often referred to as SwaS, is a model that combines cutting-edge HR software with expert service and support. Unlike traditional SaaS solutions, which typically require HR teams to handle the implementation, customisation, and ongoing management of the software, SwaS providers realise that HR teams need to free up more of their time, not add a new list of competences, skills, and responsibilities to their already full plates.  

So, instead of opting for feature-rich, but support-poor HR software provides, many HR professionals are turning to cutting edge HR tools that also provide comprehensive support for things like system setup, training, support, and continuous system improvement. 


Why SwaS loves HR 

  • Expert Guidance and Support: With SwaS, HR teams benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals. Whether it's setting up the system, configuring it to meet specific needs, or troubleshooting issues, SwaS providers are staffed by professionals that know how to help. This reduces the burden on HR staff and ensures the software is used to its full potential.  

  • Customisation: SwaS solutions are by nature more extensible, and they can be adapted to meet the unique requirements of your organisation. Providers work closely with HR teams to understand their processes and challenges, implementing configurations that address these specific needs. This results in a system that seamlessly aligns with your business's HR practices. 

  • Onboarding and Training: SwaS providers typically offer comprehensive training programs to help HR professionals get the most out of their software. New employees can be onboarded quickly, and existing staff can continuously enhance their skills in using the system. 

  • Continuous Improvement: HR processes evolve over time, and SwaS providers are committed to staying up-to-date with industry best practices. They regularly update and enhance their software to ensure it remains an asset to HR teams

In conclusion… 

SwaS certainly offers a promising alternative to traditional HR software solutions, combining robust technology with expert service and support. By opting for SWAS, HR teams can enjoy faster, more structured, implementations, extensive training, and continuous improvement, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective HR processes.   

Whether you're revamping your HR system or considering your first purchase, SwaS is a model worth exploring. It provides the service and support that HR professionals truly need.