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What a time to live, right?

The past 20 months have been challenging for everyone, all across the world. As individuals, we had to cope with an unknown virus spreading around like forest fire, thus causing stress. Similarly, all organisations had to quickly adapt to mitigate the threat, thus causing stress.

Consequently, every single human resource professional out there had to deal with an explosive cocktail and often create new processes from scratch to ensure that their employees had enough support to cope with change and keep their organisations afloat.

Before the COVID-19 madness, we were already observing the rise of HR within most organisations’ hierarchies. The past two years have radically accelerated the trend, and HR is now the cornerstone of more organisations. The equation is relatively simple; No functioning HR, no functioning people, no organisation.

Taking the past years into consideration, we conducted online surveys and qualitative interviews with HR leaders and professionals to take the pulse of the future of work.

From discussing new ways to manage, trust and work, to hiring remotely and supporting people, you’ll find everything there’s to know about the Future of Work in our latest trends report. Download it now.

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