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Nurture your people

Build the processes and paths that will elevate your people’s skills, increase motivation and lead to long-lasting, happy careers in your organisation.

We’ve got your back with:

  • Managing job descriptions
  • Maintaining employee role and responsibility databases
  • Identifying employee competencies
  • Mapping out future skill gaps and requirements

Hone your talent management strategy

Create and maintain a talent management strategy that helps your people reach their goals. Gain an executive overview of the skills you need. Show the impact of HR on your business.

We’ve got your back with:

  • Centralising learning, training, skills and appraisals in one system
  • Setting structured goals on personal, team, and company levels
  • Building a clear overview of your people’s skills and competencies
  • Mapping out competencies and identifying skill gaps ahead of the curve

HR manager

My dream? That I won’t have to take care of administrative HR tasks any longer and will instead be available to really talk with our people and help them develop every single day. Luckily, Sympa does just that.

Wouter Hofstede HR Director, Matrix fitness

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Support your people’s goals

Have the right people in the right positions – with the right shared expectations. Run motivating discussions and consistent, standardised appraisals that support two-way dialogues and make common goals transparent and measurable.

We’ve got your back with:

  • Creating a standardised company-wide appraisal process
  • Collecting and saving notes from one-on-one discussions
  • Using past appraisal information for future planning
  • Comparing skills to job descriptions for increased transparency

Manage appraisals in Sympa

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  • Build a strong talent management process
  • Let your people flourish
  • Future-proof your succession plan

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