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Employee development plans that let your people shine

Promote meaningful career development that builds a bright future for your company.

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Sympa - For learning organisations

Learning and development is a key point of difference when building a workforce capable of delivering the business strategy. And, to become a learning organisation, HR needs to manage their entire workforce’s learning journey in one place.

Sympa’s learning suite transforms workforce development by aligning learning with business goals. Once you have identified the essential skills for strategic growth, you build, deliver, and monitor learning program effectiveness – so you can take your people to the next level. Turn your workforce into a key strategic asset with Sympa.


Training management

Level up your training game – ensure your workforce stays motivated and capable of delivering on strategy. Quickly and easily create training programs in Sympa – monitor attendance and completion, provide training histories for all participants, and ensure all training-related info is stored in one place. 

  • Organise training and track participation.
  • Automatically provide validated training history.
  • Assign employees to training without extra admin.

One-on-ones and appraisals

Build an open workplace culture centred on meaningful discussions between managers, leaders, and team members. Let your people feel heard – co-build employee development plans based on one-on-ones key findings and agreed next steps. Guided preparation materials ensure a smooth appraisals process for both managers and team members.

  • Promote psychological safety through a culture of open communication.
  • Focus on your people’s wellbeing through frequent one-on-ones and appraisals.
  • Keep track of important discussion topics and next steps.

Goal setting and career planning

Define meaningful personal goals that are aligned with your company strategy. Give managers the data they need to support their people’s progress. Establish common goals for teams and units in one central location. Keep employees inspired through career planning based on their competencies and potential.

  • Establish personal and team goals based on data gathered in the system.
  • Use competency data to keep your people motivated and happy.
  • Report your organisation's career progression and support succession planning.

LMS integrations

Deliver high quality training content with Sympa LMS integrations – give your workforce the education and insights it needs, when it needs it. From onboarding to retraining, management and leadership to personal skill development, learn how to become a learning organisation with Sympa. 

  • Integrations with LMS tools.
  • Structure and deliver training content.
  • Support performance, upskilling, retraining, and more.

Coaching support

Even elite athletes need coaches to stay on their paths. Sympa has partnered with Session to deliver professional coaching services with the best in Nordic leadership at their core.

Session CEO and serial author Pernille Brun is dedicated to creating a world with exceptional leadership and sustainable organisations, which is why we’re excited to offer the Session coaching platform to Sympa customers. Flatten the HR and leadership learning curves with experts who’ve been where you’re going.

  • Expert coaching with an objective eye.
  • Accountability in development and delivery.

Competence management

Ensure your workforce has the skills needed to achieve business goals. No more guesswork – make the business case for training based on current workforce competences and future needs. Set skills-based development goals that deliver real results.

  • Define key workforce skills and competences.
  • Map current competences, future needs, and learning and development goals.
  • Monitor skill development and track against performance.

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