Coaching as an HR tool, part 2

When we talk about coaching and coaches one of the first things that comes to mind is sports. Why? Because there are very few walks of life where it is as vital to have every individual athlete and every member of a team performing to the best of their ability.

In every great sports team the coach makes a significant difference. Human resources management and sports are actually not so very different. You’re maximising the performance of all your players to try to ensure that you win. Let’s look at what that means in practice for your company.

HR Coaching in real life:

1. Leadership
Leadership answers questions like ‘Where are we going and why?’ ‘What’s in it for me and how can I get it?’ Leadership inspires. That inspiration creates the feeling of belonging. It motivates. It creates a passion for success.

2. Improve processes and results
What should we be doing more and what less? Let your team find the answers themselves. Ask the right questions that lead them to those answers and listen, genuinely and with great care. Provide learning experiences.

3. Open the door to possibility, unlock potential
Let colleagues get fully involved in goal setting. Studies, both academic and workplace, show that results are much better when employees have been involved in setting them. To lead your team, you need to be able to identify with them, their hopes, dreams and goals. You need to be able to marry those with the goals of your organisation. And you need to help the team get there. It may be a cliché that in order to be a good leader you must first be able to lead yourself, but it’s true.

4. Remove obstacles
Look for the things that stand in your colleagues’ way and help them move over or around them. That means building an organisation that is flexible and adaptable and that can learn and acquire new skills when it needs them. Promote agility and resilience. Be prepared to re-think your organisational structures. Be prepared to question whether you even need structures in the first place. Encourage employees to take decisions on matters that affect them. Support them where necessary.

We believe in people’s ability to create superb organisations and achieve great success because we’ve seen it do so many times. It is not just a matter of faith, it’s a matter of experience. If you would you like to hear more about how organisations like yours have overcome the challenges they’ve faced to create success stories, we’re here to help.