Agile HR, A New Way of Working

In our last article we introduced the term Agile. This time, we take a look at how this flexible approach can benefit today’s HR-practices. Its horizontal structure and open atmosphere promote creative solutions. Its fast pace increases overall focus.

Non-hierarchal structure

The Agile approach is all about focused teams working on individual projects from start to finish. These small teams consist of several experts, collaborating in a non-hierarchal structure. CEO’s and managers should therefore adapt a hands-on mentality and actively work as coaches, rather than as supervisors telling people what to do. The Agile method means each team member is of equal importance. Through combining skills and knowledge, creative solutions emerge that one would not have thought of in a more traditional set up.

Open and honest atmosphere

To stimulate flexibility and fast pace when tackling complex problems, it is important for teams to promote an open and honest atmosphere. The horizontal structure should allow team members to feel free and give direct feedback if and when necessary. This change in mentality – saying what you have to say at any given time – will clear the way of any obstacles. Projects will not loose momentum and remain malleable throughout the entire length of the process.

Systems of engagement

Agile asks for systems of engagement instead of systems of record. This is an important change in HR tactics. HR Managers should encourage collaboration inside their organization and promote sharing information. With the aid of an HR system projects can be effectively managed. The system will show where necessary knowledge and skills are present and lacking. HR Managers can react by sourcing new talent elsewhere or stimulate continuous learning – offering workshops and courses – throughout the organization.

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