The Great Attraction: Supply Chain & Logistics Edition

So far, “The Great Retention” has been the topic of choice in HR in 2022. But, when it comes to the supply chain and logistics sectors, the conversation is now moving towards “The Great Attraction.”

Online retail has continued to expand post-pandemic, which has led to increasing demand for both the warehouse space and employees needed to satisfy demand.

At the same time, the pandemic also showed the vulnerability of supply chains, which means more organisations now maintain larger stock inventories, which in turn need more employees to handle.

The ability to meet consumer demands is what makes or breaks logistics companies. Therefore, access to skilled and motivated employees is crucial as e-commerce continues to fuel demand.

And, as the demand to recruit logistics workers continues to climb along with increased data, safety, and flexibility demands, it is crucial employers stay on top of the trends currently dominating the supply chain and logistics industries. 

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