Do you know how investing in HR software is going to benefit your business? While the main principle of a good HR solution is to make human resources management more organised and effective, it has been difficult to calculate the concrete benefits that the HR team, team leaders, and top management receive after the implementation of an HR solution – until today.

Gartner Finland conducted a survey that aimed to investigate the positive effects The Sympa HR system had on companies already within one year of its implementation. The resulting research paper, called First year with Sympa, surveyed medium-sized Finnish companies on three separate occasions: before, three months after, and one year after implementing the Sympa HR solution.

The main research takeaways provide a clear reason for anyone considering the purchase of an HR solution. In just one year, the implementation of an HR system provided the companies with:

1) Easier and more comprehensive reporting
2) Simplified management of employee, payroll, and absence data
3) More time to focus on value-adding tasks instead of manual HRM routines


These three figures derived directly from the study highlight the positive changes brought on by an HR system in just 12 months:

1. Over 300% increase in satisfaction with reports

Much of the work in HR departments involves creating reports. With ad hoc reports the usual main issues are either that up-to-date HR data is missing or that the reports are of bad quality. A good HR system solves this problem by rooting the reports in real-time data and offering an easy-to-use interface for clear reports.

Automation, on the other hand, allows users to save recurring reports in the system, so that these templates can be easily reused by others in the organisation. This automation saves the HR department significant amounts of time.

Thanks to these two features, the number of respondents satisfied with HR reports grew by a factor of four. And as we all know; better reports lead to better decision-making.

2. Satisfaction concerning personal, payroll and absence information grew by more than 60%

Another time-consuming aspect of HR is managing personnel, payroll, and absence data. This often entails logging identical information into separate systems. A good HR system helps by integrating data from existing sources and by enabling employees themselves to input information into the system.

Using Sympa HR leads to a radical improvement in overall satisfaction concerning data management: the number of respondents satisfied with payroll data management doubled, while the number of users satisfied with holiday data management almost doubled.

3. Productivity increased as routine tasks were completed 3 hours faster each week

The principle is simple: the less time you spend on tedious data management tasks, the more time you have for accomplishing your core tasks. A smart HRM solution saves time by making it easy to automate repetitive tasks. With the adoption of the Sympa HR system, HR management saved three hours per work week or up to 140 hours per year.

The full survey also explored other important topics, such as recruitment and competence development. There is no doubt you’ll find those results impressive, as well.

If you are considering or evaluating HR management software and want to see more detailed results, download the full report and learn how Sympa HR can benefit your business!