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  • CUSTOMIZABLE ASSESSMENTS - Over 60 dimensions available to create customized assessments based on your specific needs to measure behaviors, interests, and cognitive abilities.
  • JOB MATCHING - Job Matching Technology for benchmarking candidates or employees against client-specific Job Profiles.
  • 360 SURVEYS - The platform assesses managerial skills on 38 dimensions that can be matched to the company’s competencies model.
  • QUICK IMPLEMENTATION - Quick Implementation – from 30 minutes
  • NO CERTIFICATION - No Certification or outside expert required to administer, score or understand/interpret assessments.


  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Onboarding & Offboarding


  • SIA Great People Inside


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Great People Inside (GR8PI) Assessment Platform

Early Access Program

GR8PI is an online fully customizable people assessment and development platform to help businesses find, engage, retain the best employees and develop them to their fullest potential.


GR8PI is an online fully customizable platform for the assessment of candidates, employees, managers, and teams. It allows your company’s human resource recruitment and assessment processes to continue business as usual or when working remotely.

Our aim is to implement an assessment process that is as easy and intuitive as possible. Our team will create your online account and will walk you through the process of building occupational profiles and sending participation invitations to your candidates. In the end, we will provide you with reports, containing clear results that can be easily interpreted even by users with no prior technical background, whereas in the interview guides you will find questions designed to assist the interviewer when the candidate’s scores fall outside the Performance Model.

In the process of performance management, the assessment of management skills is extremely important. The GR8 360°assessment tool helps you identify the strengths and development areas of the management team through an objective 360º assessment. The assessment contains feedback from direct reports, peers, line managers, clients, and partners, to identify a specific development program for leadership abilities, behaviors, and skills.

Through our tools, we provide you both with suggestions and concrete actions/measures for increasing manager performance, and information about how they can motivate and develop subordinates to improve performance. The GR8 360° assessment offers you 38 managerial competencies and skills, as well as improvement and development suggestions.


From 30 mins


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