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IPA Core - Personality Recruitment Analysis

Early Access Program

IPA Core - Personality analysis package is based on the highest rated Scandinavian personality analysis IPA (IPA Integrated Personality Analysis) IPA is used around the world for optimizing recruiting and employee development. Available in DK, SE, NO, FI, DE, UK, NL, PL


IPA – Integral Personality Analysis

The IPA Analysis serves as a foundation for a conversation with the candidate. It is through the dialogue that the actual quality of the results is created.

The 12 personality traits of the IPA Analysis are divided into four main factors, illustrated by colors. Each main factor represents a specific mental platform upon which we gather a range of personal experiences and skills that we can use in our work life. The four main factors are interconnected and integrated, meaning that the quality and the content of the things we learn and develop on one platform, is dependent on the things we have learnt and developed on the other platforms as well.

This basically means that personality is understood as a holistic thing, where everything is connected, and each single factor should be interpreted in relation to the whole picture of the personality.

IPA LEADERSHIP (test in test)
As an add-on product to the IPA-BASIC, we offer IPA LEADERSHIP. This provides an opportunity to evaluate the predicted LEADERSHIPS skills of the candidate. The Leadership scales are a “TEST WITHIN THE TEST” where each of the 4 scales are defined through statements from all 12 traits in the IPA Analysis.

The results from the Leadership scales should be seen as a hypothetical estimation of the given candidate’s ability of and potential for leadership.

Many of these skills exist only as a potential within the personality, and not necessarily as actual experiences. It is possible to have the personal qualifications for leadership and still avoid these jobs. Therefore, it is crucial that the results on the leadership scales are compared with the candidate’s actual work life experiences and the general impression of the job interview.

Pre conditions

Certification in the IPA analysis. 1-2 days.

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