The Pursuit of Happiness at Work

The power of happiness is incredible. Promoting happiness at work is therefore a wise move. A happy workforce not only sports a big smile, it also generates growth and profit. How can a basic human emotion achieve all that? We fill you in on the details.

Seriously Happy

Happiness is more than just a smile. Making happiness part of your business strategy is a serious move. Happy employees are generally healthier and therefore absenteeism rates will drop. An upbeat attitude sparks creativity, innovation and productivity. Employees who enjoy coming to work are less likely to look elsewhere. What is more, a happy workforce will attract new top talent to your organisation.

More Happiness, More Profit

Happiness is a powerful emotion. Why not make the most of its capacity? Promoting happiness at work will cause a ripple effect throughout the entire organisation. Not only are happy employees better at what they do, their enthusiasm will inspire present and potential clients. This will have a positive effect on the overall profit of your organisation. Members of the board and even shareholders will surely be happy when looking at the facts and figures.

Measuring Happiness

Can happiness be measured? The effect it has on your organisation certainly can. Consulting an HR system offers insight in the way happiness manifests itself inside your organisation. The HR-system contains questionnaires, surveys and scorecards on topics like well-being at work. A Return of Investment (ROI) Calculator presents valuable data and tells you where to improve your skills. Putting the focus on happiness will benefit your organisation in many ways. Big smiles all round!

Start promoting happiness. Lets make your business smile! Do not hesitate to get in touch with Martta Riihimäki and learn more about Sympas versatile and flexible HR system.