3 Things CEO’s Expect from HR Managers

What are CEOs looking for in their HR Managers? Make sure you are on the same page by producing relevant data to back up your story, keeping your finger on the pulse in any situation and having international experience in the field. Mastering these three elements will secure your position as a successful HR Manager.

Facts and Figures

We cannot say it enough; know your numbers when sitting at the decision making table. This does not only involve remuneration, but any subject using statistics. In order to be taken seriously and make a real difference, it is important to back up your facts with corresponding figures. An HR system can help produce the data you need. In a quick and easy way, it will provide valuable statistics on various topics.

Finger on the Pulse

A successful HR Manager knows the ins and outs of an organisation. A great way to gain insight is leaving your desk to do some field research. Listening to teams and their leaders or external parties like clients and vendors will drastically increase your knowledge. It is a great way to find answers to your questions. What is more, the data your research produces will boost your board room speeches.

Broaden Your Horizon

With organisations going global it seems only natural for HR Managers to have an international outlook. Doing field research could be taken one step further when HR Managers go overseas. Exploring various markets around the globe will give you more credibility. Choose your destinations wisely though. Challenging countries like China and Eastern Europe will give you a more valuable experience than easier options like Western Europe or Australia. These days, international experience is crucial when advising the board.

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