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Sympa was founded in 2005 by two siblings, Keijo and Taina. They firmly believed that companies would benefit if they were more informed about their people’s skills and talent and they started to develop the perfect tool. Soon the idea grew into a desire to build a complete HR solution.

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Our Customers mean the world to us

Customers are at the heart of our business. Having overwhelmingly happy customers is the reason why Sympa is now the fastest growing HR service provider in the Nordics with more than 150 employees across eight offices in five countries. The software itself is used in more than 100 countries and is available in 22 languages.

Our customers

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Our vision for the future

Constantly changing

We are as passionate as ever in helping companies improve their employees’ happiness and development. It’s in our nature to innovate based on the latest trends in both software and HR development. Our vision from day one has been to build a global company and we are constantly expanding to new markets.

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Cornerstones of our culture

Sympa’s Culture Code

We think that Sympa is a unique and special place to work. This specialness stems from the culture we cherish, the values we uphold and our shared sense of purpose that gives us a common direction.

In Sympa’s Culture Code you will find the cornerstones of our culture, our reasons for being, our principles and our goals. We hope you enjoy exploring it!

Read Sympa's Culture Code

Sympa's culture code

Sympa's environmental policy

Environmental sustainability

Sympa’s Environmental Policy

At Sympa we are committed to making environmental sustainability an integral and fundamental part of our business, and our goal is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all levels of the company.

We have created this policy to continually improve and monitor our environmental performance by outlining our commitments and goals and setting clear targets.

Read Sympa's Environmental Policy

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Get to know our Sympaticos

Aleksandr Ronk

Full Stack Developer

Aleksi Salonen

Full Stack Developer

Antti Väisänen

Manager, Operations antti.vaisanen@sympa.com

Artem Troitskiy

Site Reliability Engineer

Arttu Heikkilä

VP, Engineering
+358 50 36 518 63

David Cashman

Development Manager

Hanna Korhonen

Product Communication Manager
+358 40 663 5766


Product Communication Specialist


Site Reliability Engineer

Helena Juvankoski

Frontend Developer

Johanna Helin

Product Communication Manager
+358 40 682 2772


Full Stack Developer


QA Engineer kai.taumaa@sympa.com

Kristo Kuusela

Lead Designer


QA Engineer

Mika P

Technical Product Owner
+358 290 001 200

Mika R

QA Engineer

Mikko Kojo

VP, Product
+358 50 371 79 75

Mikko Kotola

Development Manager

Mikko Pantsari

Development Manager
+358 40 5367 535

Nina Raunio

QA Engineer

Panu Vartiainen

Software Architect


Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer

Sanna Jahkonen

HR Solution Manager
+358 40 5817015


Full Stack Developer

Ufuk Siklar

Full Stack Developer

Ulla-Maria Karri

Product Manager
+45 61 47 00 69

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