Selecting the right HR tools

Build the processes and paths that will elevate your people’s skills, increase motivation and lead to long-lasting, happy careers in your organisation. An HR system let’s you do just that – and so much more.

HOW can an HR system help you?

Unsure about the value of an HR system for your organisation? We compiled 7 reasons to invest in an HR system to support your people and reach your organisational goals.

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Connect all your tools. See all your people data.

Sympa seamlessly integrates with Recruitee so your candidate info is already available during day 1 of onboarding.

For the rest of your HR functions, there are literally hundreds of ready-made integrations and connectors that ensure your people can access the tools and information they need.

We’ve got your back with:

  • Centralising global HR processes and data
  • Providing the right information through easily adjustable admin rights
  • Producing beautifully visualised global and country-specific reports
  • Monitoring key HR trends and developments

I’ll say this: we cannot live without our HR system. It’s the foundation for all other development. Having an HR solution, that can work across multiple countries and be flexible enough to reflect new ways of working, has been essential.

Morten Jakobi Executive Vice President, People and Culture, Dustin

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