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Sympa BP - Offboarding follow-up

Sympa Feature

Manage your offboarding actions and status through Sympa, check out how!


Offboarding status and checklists (1 page) 

  1. Offboarding checklists for HR and/or manager
  • Up to 10 lists with a maximum of 20 tasks each 
  1. Collection of the reason for leaving
  2. Other additional fields (4) to maintain offboarding data (optional)
  3. Offboarding status per topic (optional)
  • Status follow-up 
  • Manager and/or HR approval 
  • Email notifications based on the offboarding start date 
  1. Customer-specific guide texts (optional)
  2. Edit or view access for HR, manager and/or other relevant users. View or no access for employees.
  3. Two ready-made reports (optional)
  • Offboarding incomplete 
  • Leavers by reason  

  Offboarding checklists for employee – ESS (1 page) (optional) 

  1. Offboarding checklists for employee
  • Up to 4 lists with a maximum of 20 tasks each 
  1. Other additional fields (4) for the employee to fill in (optional)
  2. Customer-specific guide texts (optional)
  3. Edit access for the employee, and edit/view/declined access for HR and/or manager

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