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  • Onboarding process follow-up
  • Checklists and notifications to guide stakeholders
  • Follow-up discussions
  • Reporting


  • Onboarding & Offboarding


  • Sympa


  • Global


Sympa BP - Onboarding follow-up

Sympa Feature

Manage your onboarding actions and status through Sympa, check out how!


Plan the onboarding

HR manages the onboarding checklist and different phases in Sympa. HR or manager can schedule onboarding steps at an agreed level. The new employee can also take part in drafting the schedule. Onboarding status and checklists (1 page) 

  1. Onboarding checklists for HR and/or manager
    • Up to 10 lists with a maximum of 20 tasks each 
  1. Other additional fields (4) to supplement your onboarding data (optional)
  2. Onboarding status (optional)
    • Status follow-up 
    • Manager, HR and/or employee approval 
    • Email notifications based on the onboarding start date 
  1. Follow-up discussions with the employee in 1-3 phases with due date email notifications (optional) 
  2. Naming an onboarding buddy or tutor (optional)
  3. Customer-specific guide texts (optional)
  4. Edit or view access for HR and/or View or no access for employees.
  5. One ready-made report: Onboarding incomplete (optional)


Track the onboarding process

People in charge of the onboarding or the employee can check the completed onboarding tasks. The manager and HR, and other required people, can track the onboarding process also on different organisation levels. Onboarding checklists for employees – ESS (1 page) (optional) 

  1. Onboarding checklists for employee
    • Up to 4 lists with a maximum of 20 tasks each 
  1. Follow-up for role-specific onboarding tasks (optional)
  1. Other additional fields (4) for the employee to fill in (optional)
  2. Customer-specific guide texts (optional)
  3. Edit access for employees. Edit, view or no access for HR and/or manager

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